Gary McKinnon's extradition Judicial Review hearing is due on Tuesday 20th January 2009 - the same day that George Bush officially hands over to Barack Obama as US President

Gary McKinnon's lawyers, led by Karen Todner, have succeeded, despite fierce opposition from the UK Government (represented by a barrister working for the Treasury Solicitor) in getting a Court Date for the oral Judicial Review of the decision to extradite Gary to the USA - Tuesday 20th January 2009

It seems that Hugo Keith QC, acting for the Treasury Solicitor argued against any sort of Judicial Review, and then wasted even more public money on legal fees, and slowed down the already overburdened Court system, by getting a hearing in front of a Judge, to try to overturn Karen Todner's rejection of the date which he was demanding, the 2nd December (i.e. next Tuesday),

Is it just a coincidence, or are the officials who set the Court Dates waving a couple of fingers at President George W. Bush and his apparatchiki and henchmen, who officially hand over power to President-elect Barack Obama on the same day, Tuesday 20th January 2009 ?