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No.10 Downing Street website petition - Gary McKinnon

We did have quite a successful PledgeBank write in campaign, in May / June 2006, during the 6 week time period under the Extradition Act 2003 legislation, when the Home Secretary was legally obliged to consider "representations" made to him concerning Gary McKinnon's extradition case.

Nearly 750 people signed that pledge, and, more importantly, a significant number of them acted on it to write personal letters to the Home Secretary John Reid on Gary's behalf, so many, that the Home Office gave up replying to them individually.

See http://www.pledgebank.com/FreeGary

Several people have recently expressed interest in "signing a petition" in support of Gary's plight, and one such petition has now appeared on the Prime Minister's website:


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop the extradition to the US of accused hacker Gary McKinnon.

Submitted by Callum Guy – Deadline to sign up by: 27 August 2007 – Signatures: 16


More details from petition creator

In the interests of justice he should be tried under UK law.


You must be a British citizen or resident to sign the petition.

Or, if you're an expatriate, you're in an overseas territory, a Crown dependency or in the Armed Forces without a postcode, please select from this list:


N.B. the recent anti-road pricing / snooping petition on the Number 10 Downing Street website achieved 1,791,942 signatures, but this has been rubbished and ignored by Tony Blair, so do not expect what will inevitably be a much smaller petition, to have any influence whatsoever with the current Government.

The High Court Judges who are currently deciding on Gary's Appeal, will not be influenced by this or any other petition either - if they were, then they would be unfit for office.


Gary McKinnon has done nothing more than test incompetent security measures on US military web sites. He should bill the US military for his helpful services. As a result of his efforts, these military web sites SHOULD now be more secure, though given the level of US incompetences perhaps not. Surely the UK judiciary have the spine not to cave into the demands of US bullying and hand Gary over to the grievous injustices he would no doubt suffer under the crazed US establishment. May sanity rule (this is still Britain, even after Blair) and may the UK authorities take a deep breath and dissociate themselves from this pathetic nonsense. Best wishes to you Garry.

What is happening to Gary is similar in a way to what happened to Kevin Mitnick, I think he should have never been sent to the US to face the courts over there, he really should have been tried here in the UK with a sentence to fit the crime.

I don't know if anyone has done this before but what about the people over at www.2600.com with their radio show Off The Hook, might be able to help out getting the message out to other people.


»Britain has extradited four times as many people to the US as have been sent in return since the introduction of fast-track extradition

Such Hypocrisy. I am a Canadian living in Paris, France. The double standards associated with this fiasco are to say the least ludicrous. Of course the US can bomb innocent civilians using depleted uranium affecting the general public and their own forces and find their actions totally acceptable. Gary taps in to some obscure UFO documents and the S--T hits the fan. "Me thinks you protest too much." If the UK send Gary off the the US any credibility in regards to the UK's autonomy will be lost

Gary admitted in a news article that he smoked hemp while he entered Pentagon cyberspace. Right now, the US is fighting a war on drugs. Maybe, a big part of the US's attraction to Gary is its almost religeous campaign against drugs. The war recently hotted up with the news that 22,000,000 Americans currently smoke hemp. With much of American officialdom now secret, some American bureaucrats may just want Gary for his not-criminal drug use in Britain (I didn't state that smoking hemp is legal in the UK). Below is an article that is undoubtedly making the Feds out to get Gary, foam at the mouth.

"Marijuana - The Wonder Drug, Lester Grinspoon, The Boston Globe, 3-3-7

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- A new study in the journal Neurology is being hailed as unassailable proof that marijuana is a valuable medicine. It is a sad commentary on the state of modern medicine that we still need "proof" of something that medicine has known for 5,000 years.

In the 19th century it became a well-established Western medicine whose versatility and safety were unquestioned. From 1840 to 1900, American and European medical journals published over 100 papers on the therapeutic uses of marijuana, also known as cannabis.

Lester Grinspoon, an emeritus professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, is the coauthor of "Marijuana, the Forbidden Medicine." This article first appeared in The Boston Globe.

I'm against using psycho-active drugs because they're not necessary. But, using them should be legal for adaults and Gary may be a victim of the war on drugs.

Dear Honeybear:

You've been posting messages that a retired US Army colonel bragged in his book about US government agents murdering at least one US citizen in Roswell, New Mexico because she, he, or they refused to stop talking about UFOs and therefore, assume that the M.I.B. will go after Gary to set an example.

Maybe you should stop talking about the men in black. Obviously, the N.S.A. won't investigate cold case files even though there's no statute of limitations for murder in National Security matters. As you can see from the below excerpt, when the apprentices of the 100 Paper Clip Nazis brought over to the US by the C.I.A. at the end of WWII, want to intimidate other US government officials, they always succeed. They won't do anything about Roswell and they won't act reasonably in the insane extradition of Gary.


The Man Who
Killed General Patton
From Non scrivetemi

The Assassination Of US General George Patton

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You win a war by making the other dumb bastard die for his country."
- General George S. Patton

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French division behind me."
- General George S. Patton

"Moral Courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men".
- General George S. Patton

The murder of Patton is known for a fact, known for the very simple reason that an agent of the well-known OSS (Office Of Strategic Services), an American Military Spy named Douglas Bazata, announced it in front of 450 invited guests, nearly all high-ranking ex-members of the OSS at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC the 25th of September, 1979.

Bazata stated, word-for-word: "For diverse political reasons, many extremely high-ranking persons hated Patton. I know who killed him because I am the one who was hired to do it. Ten thousand dollars. General William J. 'Wild Bill' Donovan himself, director Of O.S.S, entrusted ne with the mission. I set up the 'accident.' Since..."

The tragic fate of General George S. Patton convinced other 'colleagues' and their honorable 'compatriots' of the uselessness of fighting against the 'War Powers' That Be.

"Espionage is not a nice thing, nor are the methods employed exemplary. Neither are demolition bombs nor Poison Gas... ...But we will turn terror against him...".
- General William J. 'Wild Bill' Donovan

@ Honeybear,

Here's the thing, at one time fg had some serious concerns about Gary ending up at Guantanomo by extra-ordinary rendition. The way the US is waffling in its war on terror, drugs, Iran, Al Qeida, poverty, etc., Gary very likely could be renditioned to Cuba (by treaty, Quantanomo should have been returned to Cuba). Bush is just a hair's breadth away from turning Gary's case into an espionage case - even if not, he still considers it a National Security case, which is today's excuse for "Might Makes Right" and the major reason he's holding those inmates who have no rights. The bottom line is, if Gary does end up in the US, his rights under US law and treaties with the UK will be severly violated. To set an example of the uselessness of opposing the powers that be. That's why they do these things and announce it to the whole world. Gary is Greek tragedy. Read it and weep.

Scotland is a country. If Gary can make it to Scotland maybe the Scottish government will prevent his extradition.


U.S. Court Allows CIA Kidnapping and Torture
[Opinion] State secret doctrine prohibits judicial review

Darin Foster (dfoster) Email Article Print Article

Published 2007-03-06 16:59 (KST)

Imagine the following. You are on vacation in a foreign country, walking along the street and admiring the sights, when a gang of unidentified men grab you, throw you in the back of a truck, blindfold you, cut your clothes away, put you in a jumpsuit, handcuff you, and finally administer a drug which causes you to lose consciousness.

You wake up in a small prison cell, where you are denied access to your government, your lawyer, and your family. You wait for weeks without being charged. Eventually, you are blindfolded (again), taken to an airfield and flown to an unknown location in an undisclosed country. Here you are kept for months, still cut-off from all contact with the outside world, as you are systematically interrogated, beaten, and drugged.

Nicaragua. Angola. El Salvador. Cuba. Phillpines. Guatemala. Jamaica.

UK ... ?

De-stabilisation. Ruinification.

Watch for the signs.

I'm american I just want to say gary is a hero and should be tried in the UK. Hopefully all governments around the world will come clean about the extraterrestrial technology that they have re-engineerd and we will have free energy available for everyone - which will end poverty around the world.

Yeah that might happen around 2080, but even then it won’t be free energy because they'll rap it up in some other material and blind the public with more costs! But we all like it that way! After all we give the government the responsibility to make choices for us and leave them too it because as individuals we are all just too lazy!!! We have enslaved ourselves!! And we love it!!
Nothing will change!!! Nothing ever happens!!! The needle will return to the start of the song and we'll all sing along like before!!!

Out of interest, rather than clicking onto your link to the petition for Gary, I went onto the government petition website and searched for it.
I searched under Gary's name; I searched under the originator Callum's name; as suggested on the website I also searched under the deadline date and the petition for Gary could not be found.

So unless you access the petition from the Free Gary website; it is nigh on impossible to find.

I have now browsed/searched most of the categories on the government petition website. This is time consuming and as yet I still haven't found the petition for Gary by searching.


@ janis - perhaps it was a temporary glitch - the search facility on the PM Petitions website home page


does find it now ok, using either "Gary" (which pulls up half a dozen other petitions) or with "Gary McKinnon" which finds just the right one.


I'm confused. What is the current state of the court case?

@ John - everyone is still awaiting the judgement of the High Court Appeal Judges, Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Mr Justice Goldring.

This could be tomorrow or in several months time.

Judgement/decision on Gary's appeal is to be given in the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand tomorrow 3rd. April at 9 or 10am.


Im dissapointed with the ruling, all he did was show the US websites they had lax security- I just also wish he used his "talents" to hack and destroy our enemies websites like those in Iran and Syria and Al-jazzera etc

If American computers are that easy to hack into they should be employing Garry McKinnon not trying to sue him for finding weaknesses in their system.

Hey it's not like the US believes it has the right to hack into anyones computer....

What? you say, ahh Homeland security....yes...free pass in law! Get outa here you mugs!

The American Government should learn from this episode and improve their security.

This type of thing is not meant to be possible. Hackers don't just live in the West !

Gary should receive a fair trial and Mr. Blair needs more Back-bone.

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