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Is former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson going to be arrested again ?

Is former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson, whose evidence and opinions featured recently in the Operation Paget report into the death of Princess Diana, going to be arrested again ?

He is rightly demanding that at least a copy of his own private data, taken from the computer equipment seized more than 6 months ago when he was arrested in France, and then released without charge, should be returned to him by the British Police.

His threat to inform the local police in an allied country, about a Secret Intelligence Service MI6 intelligence asset, does seem to be set to cause further trouble of some sort:

I have now contacted and identified myself to the police force of a certain democratic country which is an ally of the United Kingdom. I have informed them that I know the identify of a senior official in their country who has been breaking the laws of that country for many years by selling their state secrets to MI6.

I plan to give them the name of this person to the police tomorrow. This is not illegal under French law, where I reside.

I have informed the British Special Branch police and the Treasury Solicitor.

He does not yet seem to be planning to make the name public, only to inform the police, who could, of course, already be aware of the name.

It is unclear if this morsel of information is known to Tomlinson as a result of his former MI6 career, which has been over for several years, or if it has come to his attention since then.

How effective is this potential whistleblowing protection technique, mentioned in his "Reply from the police" posting ?

In the meantime, in order to reduce the possibility that they might try to arrest me or kill me, I have set up an email program to send the identity of the criminal in question to the other police force at a time interval of about twelve hours in the future. I have to reset the timer personally to stop the information going out.

Is there now a behind the scenes rush to clamp down and block, or at least snoop on Richard Tomlinson's French internet service provider traffic from the south of France ?

Is anybody experiencing mysterious internet problems in the south of France at the moment ?

Or will the swift moving Whitehall and Police bureaucracy leap into rapid action immediately after a public holiday, and send him a copy of his own private data as he demands ?

Surely MI6 and the Treasury Solicitor should not be wasting scare public money and manpower resources on harassing Richard Tomlinson ? How is it making the UK any safer ?

More details on Richard Tomlinson's blog MI6 v Tomlinson (it's back!)


During the Christmas and New Year period the whole of Monaco has been experiencing internet and email difficulties, WiFi especially.


I need some more information on actvity that happening in the UK. Most of the call -handlers in any other organisation to do with crime class shop-lifting as major priority over human rights abuses. So i've come to the on;y intelligent place i can find on the web. Talking about intelligence there has been talk for a number of years of military intelligence operations involving technology classed a weaponry supporting the existing electronic warfare, telephone taps etc on any one that happens to walk by. Out of entertainment there have been some sick perverted persons on these operations which have abused there positions and used this weaponry for intelligence/ counter intteligence or an act of terrorism to fwd there paedophilic aims to use laser/radio frequency to dis-orientate, cause bodily harm, and use whaterver suggestions they can to confuse vunerable individuals from adistance. They've used a multiple of resources to pretend to be doign case-studies on people when actually there making people ill in the hope that no-one will notice or question their peodophilic ring. Something needs to be done to stop them - the call handlers have no intention of making an issue of anything other than shop-lifting - what can we do, how is stop, and can people be made aware.

Does anybody else have anything further to add about this issue.

Email me asap


Would you alter the way in which comments are attributed please. By putting my pseudonym, "The Laughing Cavalier" below the line it seems at first glance that the gibbersih posted by 'Anon' was posted by me, that I wrote this nonsense, not the simple observation above the line about internet problems in Monaco during the Christmas period.

@ The Laughing Cavalier - is there really that much danger of mixing up the two postings ? Are you reading the screen without background colour cues ?

@ Anon - you will have to be a lot more specific - "electronic warfare, telephone taps etc" covers a very wide range of possible topics.

There is plenty of military microwave weaponry research, but, it is more along the "see through the walls of buildings" or "see through your clothes" or even "pain induction on the surface of the skin" as a crowd control or torture technique, rather than what you are alluding to.

What number did you phone to talk to these "call handlers" ?

I agree with Anon and the U.S.A. probably have the same equiment available. You think it is trivial, but people who can't figure out what is being done to them and what is causing themselves lots of medical bills searching for the cure of imaginary illnesses being inflicted on them are not a joke to any people. Niether are the suicides probably induced by not knowing what is causing your body to be tortured when there is no one there to inflict any pain on you. The issue and the equipment should be made aware to the public, so they can find counter measures to stop the abuse.

Good luck Aron, and I hope someone appreicates what you are saying.

try dowsing the curtains in water and rehanging them in your windows to stop the laser from coming through. i believe water can stop radio frequencies, but laser frequencies might be different. i'm sure water alone can't stop it.

@ susan - there could be plenty of other explanations for mysterious or even imaginary illnesses.


"Some symptoms of directed energy attacks: Highly accelerated growth of cancers and funguses. Diminished eyesight, accelerated, (ENMOD Laser experiments). Joint pain, intermittent and abnormal. Back pain from inflamed discs. Severe tightening and damage to tendons. Confusion and distraction--forgetfulness, intermittent and abnormal. Unexplainable anger, disruption of thought from unexplainable anxiety. Many of the DEW cause gastro-intestinal distress, one being affectionately termed the COLON POW by its military adherents. Tectonic weaponry employs ultrasound which can stop the heart, or other organs, and cause excessive freezing temperatures in tightly restricted areas, like a home, or stationary vehicle. There are many other DEW symptoms, and it is well known among the enemy deploying them against Americans that the effects are cumulative, so it is quite easy to make a person die of what appears to be natural causes, but in fact is relatively long term over-exposure to DEW."

more on the subject at the url above

some suggested tin foil window shades, maybe mirrored windows?

for some reason the url didn't show when i posted it above.



they use faraday cages to protect themselves from some of them.


this shows how to make the to protect electronic equipment.

i wish i could edit my posts and add to them instead of reposting a new post every time i find something.

@ susan - if you click the Preview button then you can do exactly that.

Have you any actual evidence that this sort of technology is being used illegally on civilians ?


here is one selling suits!!!!!!!!!

does this guy reply? i would like to know the information is going to who asked.

i'll say no, because of course there is no proof someone will ever have that this is being done to them, but i believe totally they are being used especially by the bush administration and 6 weeks before any visit to city he plans to visit they use them to scope crazies out or encourage them to come out using these kind of mind game electronics.

i'll say one experience that the guy i lived upstairs from thought he was psyicly spanking me and told the whole campus he was doing this and his friends thought they could read each other's minds by having sex in each other's beds. I'm not kidding!!!! i had a long ongoing arugment with these morons who followed me around making the cross like catholic priests do when someone dies every time i walked by.

the whole campus really believed him!! I AM NOT KIDDING!

The blogger.com address for Richard Tomlinson has been deleted and I don't see a new address for him. The alternative blog is still up and nothing has been posted as of why the blog was deleted.

Does anyone know if he has been arrested or has gotten his things back from the police deparmtent? He said he would delete it if his things were returned.

Richard Tomlinson's blogger site "MI6 v Tomlinson (it's back!)" has disappeared. The reserve "Blogs are Forever" site is up and running, but not a peep out of Richard yet.
Please register at the new blog and let's communicate and see what the hell is going on in this God-foresaken world (NOT for much longer I feel!)

@ Alan - presumably the "Blogs are Forever" backup blog for Richard Tomlinson, is the one at:


You are also welcome to speculate in this comments thread as well (no registration required).

i have been on the back up blog and commented. Someone there told me the blog had been blocked. Tomlinson has not made any attempt to post there and there is no news on him yet. You would think this would have been in the news already, but nothing on the interntet yet.

thanks for the url though. i found it at wikipedia when i searched his name.

i wonder if he was arrested? he has another blog i think other than this because the UK and Denmark areas are being automatically sent to it. The U.S. and other countries don't have that option. I wonder if they will put the new address on the internet, so we can go there manually. the one above can't be the same blog they are talking about.

Hello Richard, you may have received my personal email message to your email address, as you may know by now that the blog site is down, no access whatsoever. Not too sure what has happened Richard.

Did MI6 take the site down? BASTARDS they are.... I am sure it is the only conclusion and that no messages from my email to you Richard.

You will always have my full supoort Richard. Fight back with anything you can with these bastards - MI6 SHAME ON YOU.

Leslie Sargent - UK

@ Leslie - I doubt if Richard Tomlinson reads Spy Blog, although quite a lot of UK Government proxy servers do.

Leslie Sargent, Please post on the standby blog. You will find lots of new urls for current news. The only newspapers willing to print the truth is a canadian one!


@ susan - you could also read the Daily Telegraph: "Former spy Tomlinson escapes prosecution" or the official Crown Prosecution Service press release

thanks for the urls. i bookmarked both places.

I was hoping to get a name drop off spot started for people being followed by suspicious characters who especially like to play spygames by dressing up to disguise themselves. I've come a cross about 3 of them wearing wigs on and off to disguise themselves and one of them did work for the military, so I'm assuming he's involved in government in some way.

If spyblog could create a nontracable way to drop off suspicious names, it might save lives. No description would be needed other than what the poster wanted, and there is no way to trace it back to them.

There are so many people pretending to be police officers and government employees that it's outright dangerous, so when someone comes across these names, they have at least somewhere to drop the names to warn others about it. The police don't even care if you tell them someone impersonated a police officer and don't take those kind of complaints, so that leaves any documentation to people.

If you have a real name of someone who does this even better to put their name up there. It might save someone's life to start a database like this worldwide. This should stop a lot of crap.

If it can be done through spyblog, please let me know.

@ susan - such a scheme would run into the the same technical and ethical and trust problems as those faced by the WikiLeaks.org project which claims to be developing an anonymous, untraceable, yet easy to use publishing system for the benefit of political dissidents living under totalitarian police states.

See the WikiLeak blog for some discussion of these.

How would you propose sorting out the inevitable false accusations and disinformation, if such a practically untraceable system were to be made available ?

If the original names of these people worked in the military, would they be allowed to do this kind of job on the side?

One of the people I'm referring to worked as a Senior Chief in the U.S. Navy in Virginia and showed up in my home town in another state in a wig, fake teeth, and a bad accent. He wasn't even making much of an attempt to hide himslef that is how obvious he was. I turned this guy in for murder through the military in 2004 or 2005, but it was in 2003 I think the incident happened, and he came to my home town in 2006 dressed up as someone else, so if he were working for the U.S. Navy, then how would that be legal to use an officer you had turned in murder?

That doesn't sound like very good judgement on the government's part if he was here on government business considering this man was a threat to me.

That is the type of people I'm talking about. I don't know how to seperate them from the frauds, but there has to be some regulation of names of at least those who proved to be false officers. Maybe even just starting a data base for names used illegally by imposters to the government.

I also know of an older lady, now deceased that was robbed by two imposter police officers in her own house. She died of old age, but years ago she opened her door to two police officers who said they were there on police business, they entered her home, tied her up in a chair and robbed her. The police department said they never sent a cop to her address and the description of the officers didn't match any that worked there.

So bogus names can't be considered illegal information to put on a website, and at least the false names these people were proven to have used could not be considered private information.

What about a false name drop off? I'll check out the other url you gave me and see what there doing. I'm not doing spy business, and there is no reason why anyone like this should be following me.

Also a woman was murdered in Tennessee by a man driving a police car. She was pulled over, taken out of her car, raped and tied to a tree. A dog from a neighbors yard wandered where her body was and drug her head home and that is how they started to search for her body.

These kinds of things they need to try to stop. How do you know if you are talking to a real police officer? What do you do when the police doesn't seem to be interested you came in contact with a imposter? Those are the things people should get together on.

Hi there folks! Good evening from a very rough stormy night in Barcelona! I am as intrigued as everyone is, as to Richard's movements. He is no fool, even though he gives the odd impression he is naive sometimes. (Perhaps that's all down to the fact he can't quite believe just how obscenely nasty his old bosses really are!) In all the time I have supported Richard I have not had one direct communication with him. - Neither do I need one. He is shrewd enough to realise that he cannot let his left hand know what his right hand is doing. I respect that totally.
The recently imposed Goldsmith Gag on Richard Tomlinson could not be more indicative of just how crucially important Richard's affidavit to Judge Hervé Stephan in May 1999 has been all this time; especially for the coming judicial inquiry into Diana's and her companions' deaths. The criminal stifling of it is obvious.
See: www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=2
(Just IF anyone needs reminding!)

I connect the 9/11 and Diana story together; they are so easily equated. Now, with the latest catastrophic BBC Jane Standley "Cock-Up", real sparks could be flying very soon. The situation could not be more grave; the unsavoury Messrs Bush & Blair might even provoke World War lll, if they sense their smoke and mirrors tricks are being tumbled! - Simply to divert attention from an awakening population. They might even throw in another yet more ghastly false-flag outrage, for good measure, before that provocation! Would you put it passed them?

By the way ... I am SURE Richard Tomlinson does indeed read Spy Blog and any other references to his ghastly story; wherever and whenever he can.
The blogs and the few newspapers that are not frightened, are his only means of taking the temperature of public opinion and of checking how the wind is blowing out here.
... BE SURE OF THAT! Be sure, likewise, other rather nastier, mean, beady eyes are also scanning the pages for juicy morsels ... They may get their little giggles in sometimes. OK ... Let them; while they may. Their days are numbered; due to the internet itself, their mystique and raison d'etre are shrivelling up faster every day, like well dried up prunes.

You can find Richard Tomlinson's blog again:


We have yet to hear him tell us if the Lord Goldsmith injunction will gag him and prevent him offering evidence at the forthcoming judicial inquiry into the crash which took the lives of Diana, the last Princess of Wales, her paramour Dodi Al Fayed and their chauffeur Henri Paul.

the current Richard Tomlinson blogger.com blog has turned out to be a fake. Does any one now how to contact him?

@ susan - which *.blogspot.com / *.blogger.com blog are you referring to specifically ?

It's the one currently running on blogger.com.


After a long ongoing argument (totally not worth mentioning and off topic of Tomlinson) several posts were deleted along with about 400 comments. It's better deleted because it was all bull, but the point is this could not be a blog from Tomlinson on blogger.com because he violated their user terms agreement and would not be allowed to open another blog. Also the posts are shaky and not at all similar to Tomlinson's usual tactics. It even has a paper with Tomlinson's home address on it that was not blacked out, so this was obviosly planted by someone else. I hope it's not his real home address, but honestly I think he has shown himself to be a fraud because of the blogs, so I don't really care to support him in any way. I hope he gets caught in what ever game he is playing.

None of the current contact information for Richard Tomlinson is valid, so we will never know if the statements of Tomlinson recieving his hard drives back from SIS is really true. That would have made the news, but so far there is nothing that verifies that he really did recieve anything back from SIS.


Richard Tomlinson WILL connect with the High Court in London by video-link. This will be the true highlight of the current Diana Inquest under Coroner, Lord Justice Scott-Baker, ... THEN the sparks will fly! Hold onto your wigs, wooden legs, glass eyes, silicon breasts and cod-pieces! It will be riveting!

hey susan, u no wut richard's email is?i wanna contact him and ask him sum qweschuns

o-i found it(his email)-thanks anyway- and the question was directed to leslie-but no prob. now.

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