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DVLA electronic Driving Licence consultation

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency has today issued a consultation document:
The Future of the Counterpart to the Photocard Driving Licence

It is seems that the DVLA's preferred option is for a Smart Card with a massive central database run by themselves, rather than another Government Agency.

No indication is given of the additional costs which would be involved with each of the DVLA's suggested options.

This document does not bother to explain any of the Privacy implications of the various options which they are suggesting.

There is no mention of the Home Office's Biometric ID Card plans, nor of the various suggestions about possible combined ID Card and Driving Licence and /or Passport.

There is no mention of the Office of National Statistics/ Treasury Citizien Information Project population register.

There is no mention of the existing Data Sharing of DVLA data with the Passport Office and others.

There is no mention of whether or not the DVLA actually should be permitted to continue to store personally sensitive data such as Address information which it shares with other agencies or commercial companies without the explicit permission of the Data Subjects.

The Driving Licence is not currently, and should never become in the future, a de facto ID Card.

"3.4 Please send your responses to:

David Houston
Drivers Policy Group
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Swansea Vale 2
Sandringham Park
Swansea SA7 0EP

Telephone number 01792 765264
Fax number 01792 765242
E.mail : david.houston@dvla.gsi.gov.uk

3.5 Internet responses may be sent using the electronic version of this document available at http://www.dvla.gov.uk and sent to Mr. Houston's e-mail address given above. The closing date for responses is 31 May 2004.

3.6 Additional copies of this document may be obtained by telephoning 01792 765264 or 01792 765251 and leaving your name and address.

3.7 If you have any questions about the consultation or require clarification of any matters in the document you may send them to David Houston by post, fax or e-mail to the address above."