Liberal Democrat Freedom Bill 2009 calls for removal of USA from Extradition Act 2003 part 2 territories list, citing the Gary McKinnon case

Chris Huhne MP, the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, launched the Liberal Democrat party's Freedom Bill 2009 last week, and spoke about it at the Convention on Modern Liberties on Saturday.

They want to repeal or reform about 20 bits of repressive legislation, including:



Designation of part 2 territories

3 Removal of the United States of America from part 2 territories

(1) In the list of territories in paragraph 3(2) of the Extradition Act 2003 (Designation of Part 2 Territories) Order 2003(S.I. 2003/3334) "the United States of America" is omitted.

Their explanatory notes



The Liberal Democrats have consistently opposed the extradition arrangements with America. We spoke and voted against the orders implementing our end of the treaty in December 2003 (with Sir Menzies Campbell taking the highly unusual step of speaking at a committee of which he was not a member to highlight our opposition). In 2006, we tabled a bill to restore the need for prime facie evidence to be provided by US authorities when requesting extradition and later that year, we supported amendments to the Police and Justice Bill that would suspend our implementation of the Treaty. We did so because we believe the Extradition Act is manifestly unfair to British citizens, such as in the Gary McKinnon case.