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"The  Polka-Dotted Elephant is reminiscent
of Dr. Seuss at his best!  The colorful and
humorous visuals are a feast for the eyes,
and the verse moves you quickly and
cleverly along as the mystery of the
polka-dots unfolds. Timothy Davies' story
both entertains and educates, as it shows
children of all ages the sometimes harsh
reality of the predator/prey relationship."

Gillian Barclay-Smith, Ph.D., Principal
Glenforest School, Columbia, SC.
"Who doesn't love the Proboscis monkey?  This
uniquely beautiful animal comes to life on the pages of
this book!  Kids of all ages will laugh out loud and
"sneeze" along with the monkey as he journeys across
the world.  As a reader, I love the rhyming pattern
and humor in this story, but as an educator, I see the
endless possibilities of a trade book that can be used
across the curriculm.

Timothy Davies passion for the animals has once
again produced a story that entertains as well as
informs the reader of why it is so important to protect
animals and keep them in their natural habitats."

Subil S. Davis, Teacher
Crockett Elementary School
Brentwood,  TN
Written by Timothy Davies, SR.
Illustrated by Jennalyn J. Krulish
The Polka-Dotted Elephant
Written by: Author Timothy Davies, SR.
Illustrated by: Tyson Cadenhead
I Sneezed Around the
Written by: Author Timothy Davies, SR.
Illustrated by: Jennalyn Krulish
A Very Scary Love Story
Written by: Author Timothy Davies, SR.
Illustrated by: Ilya Shkipin
"A Very Scary Love Story is full of imagery for
children told in rhyme, perfect for read-alouds.  
Author Timothy Davies' use of onomatopoeia
helps children to not only build pictures in their
minds, but to actually "hear" the sounds of the
actions in the book.  Beyond pure enjoyment, this
book is great for readers to predict what will
happen next.  I can't wait for each of Timothy
Davies' books to be published to use in my
classroom and to purchase as gifts.

A Very Scary Love Story is a great addition to
any reader's collection!

Ruth Hoppers, Teacher
Haywood Elementary, Brownsville, TN.
Tim Davies Timothy Davies SR.
Books are $12.95 each.  100% of the proceeds benefit the rescued animals at Ark R.A.I.N. Wildlife
Sanctuary.  Please spread the word to help more animals!  Thank you.