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This ORIGINAL Keith Weesner painting will be available at auction Saturday, April 30 2011.
If you are unable to attend the event and wish to have a chance to bid on this one of a kind piece of
art, please contact John Wells at

If you intend to be a phone bidder you must make arrangements 7 days prior to the auction.

NO RESERVE - this means we will start the bid at $1!

NO BUYERS PREMIUM - this means there are no hidden fees - if you win this auction at a $550 bid -
you will walk away with the painting.  Please note that shipping will be $25 if you win with a phone
bid.  Shipped via express delivery service.

Many of you know that Keith Weesner original paintings are very prized possessions by their
here is a chance for you to become one of the few that actually own an ORIGINAL Weesner.

Typically galleries will sell Keith's original works from $800 to $3500.  Price is usually determined by
the size of the image and the amount of time and detail in the art.

Keith has NEVER painted this many cars on a single painting.....this should help push the price on this
amazing piece.
Also - Keith will be in attendance to personalize the painting - signature, personalized note, as well
as a photo op are available to the winner.  
Please note there will be no added painting to this
completed work.  
Additional signature/personalization will be on the BACK of the painting.

Auction scheduled to start 2 PM Saturday April 30, 2011.

Exact time for this lot has yet to be determined - most likely around 2:20-2:30

All proceeds for this painting are going to Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation and the winner will be
able to claim a tax deductible expense on their 2011 income tax returns. Proper documentation will be
available for winner if needed.

The original art will NOT be given to the winner before final payment has been received.

If you fail to pay within 10 days of the end of the auction - you forfeit your chance to own an original
Weesner painting and the runner up bidder will have the chance to purchase.

The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid for any reason and withdraw any lot at any time.

Those that are unable to win the original painting....Vintage Torque Fest will have a limited edition
print available of the painting as well.  This will most likely be for sale at the show for $20 - details to
be announced.