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Volunteers - The Coolest of the Cool
AS OF 4/4/12 we have filled all the Volunteer shifts!
THANKS!!!  We may still need reserve volunteer staff to fill in last
minute gaps - so if you would care to get on the reserve list....feel
free to fill out the form.

Other questions about volunteering - please email

All Volunteers will receive free shirt and free vehicle/driver admission.  

Volunteers will be asked to help park cars,
help register other drivers,
stop pedestrian traffic on and off the track,
help vendors move in,
flag drivers that do not obey driver rules,
car guideline inspectors,
& encourage orderly conduct among all.
It may seem that we are wanting too many volunteers.  But when you look at the aerial photo of the Fairgrounds
you will see just how spread out things are.
So in order to avoid more than 2 hours per shift per volunteer we will need about 70 volunteers.  Perhaps

Point A is the single most important point for volunteers.  Funnel Crew Point A is going to have the
responsibility of determining what cars are going to go where.
Point A will send cars to spectator parking (C), VIP parking (B). There will be volunteers waving flags of different
colors to let the
different vehicles know where to go.  The Funnel Crew will tell the approaching cars to follow the Green, Red,
Black, or White flags.
Red Flags = Hot Rods and Qualifying Motorcycle Parking
Black Flags = Spectator Parking
Green Flags = VIP Parking

Point B - VIP Parking -GREEN FLAGS.... this is where the muscle cars, restored classics, and new sports cars like
Camaros, Challengers, street rods, and Fieros.

Point C - BLACK FLAGS!!! Specatator/Motorcyle VIP Parking needs to park as close to the grandstands as
possible and leave room for possible expansion of VIP parking.  The
motorcycles can NOT park on the grass.  Motorcycles will need to be on solid ground and as a result needs to be
on the gravel.

Point D - Camping Entrance - there will be someone there all weekend - if you do not have a wristband on you
will have to pay AGAIN!!!!

Point G -This is entrance for FREE Spectator Parking (Point C on the Map)

Point H - This is where ANYONE that will be heading out on the track to make laps will be staging.  NO ONE
form that will be signed right before the drivers are allowed to make their laps on the track.  Drivers will
come back to this point to exit/get their Driver Patch.  If the driver wishes to go back in the back corner or infield
to park - then they can do so....but will need to come to Point H after their laps to get the patch.  Those that do
not follow the driver rules will not receive the patch and may be asked to leave the show.
In order for this event to be a long term event for years to come we have to play by certain rules that have been
set up by the insurance company.

In addition we will need
Wrist Band inspectors (noted with the WB on the map) , spectator entry $$
, and help with the merchandise booth selling the shirts, posters, stickers.
In the past SOME lucky volunteers have received way cool crew jackets for Torque Fest!
Special Thanks to
Oliver Built Group
for doing the way
cool CREW
embroidery with
nice bottom accent!