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Jack Walker's Blue Danube was a featured car at Torque Fest 2010.  Here is an image of the Blue Danube
from a 1957 issue of Restyle that featured the Blue Danube on the cover.

Mason Eggleston brought his Hemi powered hot rod to Torque Fest 2010.  While this car could easily burn
up the dirt track outside, this one was inside with the other nice show rods.

This is the type of engine that true hot rodders prefer - the old original ford flathead.

The Roswell Rod was a cover car on Rod and Custom about two years ago.  This extreme design was inspired by
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.  We were happy to have this cover car in 2010.

Here is a full length picture of Hannah Wells at the age of 3.

Here is a head shot for Hannah Wells at the age of 3.

Here is a head shot of Hannah Wells at age 3.

Here is the logo for the site:

Considered by most car enthusiasts to be the finest custom car ever made, the Hirohata Mercury was at
Torque Fest as a featured car.  This is a publicity shot of the car from the late 50's.

This is a typical example of the kind of hot rod that will be seen at the Torque Fest on April 29-30, 2011.
This one is a 1931 ford sedan , has a 1957 chrysler 392 hemi , 6x stromberg carb intake , 1929 ford grill shell.

Here is a real Iowa hot rod that will be making laps on the dirt track on April 29-30, 2011

Ms Metal from the Chicago area will be at the Torque Fest with her custom and selling her merchandise.

This chopped 1950 Mercury is an example of what will be exhibited in the indoor section of Torque Fest.

Here is an example of a typical car that will be at the Torque Fest.  Pre 1965 cars that are not afraid to show their
imperfections.  This one is a cool '49 Ford.

Rusty cars are welcome and the polished cars are the exception at Torque Fest.  Check out the hot rods going on
the dirt track at Jackson County Fairgrounds, April 29-30 2011.

Promotional Poster designed for Torque Fest 2010

Back of Postcard for Torque Fest 2010

Car N Art from Detroit MI will be coming to the Torque Fest in Farly IA.  Here is a sample of their art and a promo
piece that was used for Torque Fest 2010.

The average pre '65 car is welcome at the Torque Fest.  $10000 paint jobs are NOT needed!
This 1956 Plymouth Suburban is nice - this is the kind of ride that will be on display.
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2011 will see the return of Max Grundy to the Torque Fest.  Here is a promo piece of
Max Grundy art with the Torque Fest info.
Max Grundy PDF Art for 2011 Torque Fest
Here is the back of the postcard with all the info.
Back of postcard PDF
Keven Karter came up with another great design for the teaser poster for Torque
Fest - check it out!
11 x 17 image PDF
Special thanks to Zombie for giving Vintage
Torque Fest coverage in Traditional Rod &
Kulture.  Clic
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