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Why should you bother to Pre-register?

1- You will save time at the event.  Pre registered cars are allowed in 30 minutes early!

2 - Special PRE REG STICKER - exclusive to those that Pre Reg!

3- Pre-registered vehicles will receive FREE DVD of Torque Fest 2013, This will be sent in the
mail in summer of 2013. This is why it is important you give a legible current address.  DVD
will be for sale to public at a later date for $15 + $3 shipping.  

4- The first Pre-Registered vehicles are guaranteed a spot on the dirt track - lowest numbers
get to get in line first.

5- All wristbands into Torque Fest give $5 spectator discount at the May 5 Vintage Drags in
Earlville.  Normal entry to Tri State Raceway is $10 for spectators.

Pre registered Torque Fest attendees will receive their
wristband (1 wristband) in the mail
around April 10.  If you do not get your info by the 15th - please email us!  Do NOT lose the
wristband - that is VERY important. If you forget it - you will have to pay $10 per day at the
Click on the Paypal button to send payment for Pre Registration
If you have passengers coming with you - they will be $10 per person per day unless an advance
weekend pass is purchased.  Please note that this $15 wristband is a WEEKEND PASS!  
If you choose to show up the day of the show - the entry is $10 per day.  
If you choose not to pre register you can still purchase your weekend wristband in advance,
and avoid the lines at spectator gate and this will also help the hot rod traffic flow upon entry.
Remember we do NOT charge extra to have your car on display.  Other shows may do this -
but we do not - there is no car show if the cars do not show up.....
Click on this Paypal Button for weekend wristband ONLY. This is the button for passengers or
vehicle owners that do not wish to get the perks of official pre registration. This will get you
in for the weekend, but you will NOT get in 30 minutes early, you will NOT get the exclusive
sticker, you will NOT get the DVD.  Advance discount is ONLY available online.  There will be
NO discounts at the gate.  Entry will be $10 per day at the gate.