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Model Car Show

4 Categories:
Show Rods
Pre '70 Customs
Hot Rods
Vintage Drag/Dirt Race Cars

Torque Fest welcomes ALL types of models - obviously the emphasis will be on the older
cars, but if you have a Godzilla model or a WWII Corsair airplane....
bring it in - we would love to see it.

There will be no trophies given out by Torque Fest.   

Car clubs and Stick Shift (he is in charge of the model show) and the Cedarville Model Car
Contest will be responsible for any awards/trophies that
will be given to model contest participants.

There is no entry fee for showing models.  Anyone with models can bring them into the
show and display them along with other fellow model makers.

Model makers are considered spectators and pay the normal spectator fee of $10.

Hope to see you and your work of art there!

Pictures below taken at Torque Fest 2010 are courtesy : Jim Gonyier