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Dubuque Iowa is a small city in Iowa with a population of about 56000. The
Dubuque County Fairgrounds are a great location to host the Vintage Torque
Fest.  Plenty of parking for spectators, with room for a swap meet, camping on
site, and  15000 square feet of indoor buildings. The main building is equipped
with a bar and we will have vendors and special invite historic hot rods and
customs in this building as well.  We will have a sound system providing tunes
that will range from Social Distortion, Lionel Hampton, and The Afterdarks to
Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Pushrod.  If you are in the mood for Beach Boys
and doo wop - sorry - wrong show. The live bands and more food will be outside.

Dubuque has about 1000 hotel rooms in the immediate area - See the hotels link
for a list of the closest ones. For those of you that think this is out in the middle
of no are some distances:

Madison WI - 96 miles
Des Moines IA - 199 miles
Rockford IL - 97 miles
Peoria IL (home of the Bombs Away Bash) -170 miles
Cedar Rapids IA - 70 miles
Rochester MN - 176 miles
Joliet IL - 214 miles
Milwaukee WI (home of the Cheaterama)- 178 miles
Waterloo IA - 87 miles
Albert Lea MN - 212 miles
LaCrosse WI - 127 miles
Ohare Airport - 170 miles
Beloit WI - 98 miles
Galena IL - 20 miles
Maquoketa IA - 31 miles
Quad Cities (Davenport IA / Moline IL) - 76 miles
Wayland MO (home of the Rust Revival) - 186 miles
Morris IL (former home of the Hunnert Car Pile Up) - 188 miles
Symco, WI (home of the Symco Shakedown) - 226 miles
14569 Old Highway Road, Dubuque,
Iowa, United States, 52001