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Driving Rules
Driving Rules:

Rule #1 NO Drinking & Driving. If you want to drive in the dirt, no alcohol
allowed. Impaired drivers will NOT be allowed on the track.
On/off duty sheriff/police officers will be on site to enforce this rule.

Rule #2 Only licensed drivers allowed on the track. If you do not have a valid
drivers license you can not go on the track.

Rule #3 All drivers that wish to go on the track must sign a waiver stating
that in the event of any type of accident- Torque Fest and Jackson County
Fairgrounds will not be responsible for damage to vehicles or personal injury.

Rule #4 Minimum Age - 21 (This age requirement is required by insurance
company - there can be no exceptions - sorry)

Rule #5 No hot laps. Speed Limit is 40 MPH. These laps on the 1/2 mile dirt
track are considered PHOTO LAPS. The purpose of these laps is to take
participants car on the track for photo opportunity. Drivers that wish to
drive in the mud should tell staff before laps to ensure photographer is
properly set up.
If you are red-flagged for going too fast or reckless driving you will not be
allowed on track for the rest of the day.

Rule #6 Only one car allowed on track at a time.  Yes - this may cause a bit
of a backup - but get in line and mingle with your fellow gearheads!

Rule #7 If you wish to go on the dirt track again you must get back in the
staging lanes and wait your turn.

Rule #
8 Other rules may be added as show approaches.