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Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest
Anyone that has participated in the Hunnert Heads Up or the Meltdown Drags will know what
the entry requirements are like.

Cordova Dragway will be doing the inspections themselves and are going to be happy to see
some of the classics from yesterday going down the track.

Even though you have a '35 Ford that only runs a 24 second still have to conform to
certain rules.

1- NO UNSAFE CARS - exposed drive shafts, unsafe gas tanks, etc will NOT be allowed to make
passes at Cordova.
2- Even though it may be hot....long pants, long sleeve shirt or jackets, must be worn.
3- No open toe shoes are allowed - tennis shoes are ok - but no sandals.

Cars faster than 14 seconds - you must abide by NHRA rules.
If you even THINK your car will run under 14 seconds - bring a DOT approved helmet!

Motorcycles - All motorcycle riders and open wheel drivers must have a helmet visor lowered in
place when leaving the starting line.