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Vintage Torque
Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest
Links and other important info:

Get in touch with the Bombers CC here
Vendors and swap meet  info - contact John Wells

Bands will start around 4PM
Bands will play until 10 pm
Camping On Site is OK - contact the Drag Way for
more info!  309.654.2110

Vintage Torque will be filming the action for an
upcoming segment on future DVD!

We need a good turn out so we can secure an
EXCLUSIVE date for 201
2PM to Midnight (yes we can run after dark!!!)
1966 or older Hot Rod/Custom Car show - where YOU can
make passes at the legendary Cordova Dragway!!!!

Car Entry $20
Spectator Entry $11 ($1 coupon available by
to get $1 off coupon-must contact before Sept
20) Children 6-12 $3
Swap Meet - $25
Vendor Spots - contact John Wells -

The Bombers and Vintage Torque are gonna try to have
some fun on Sept 28.

We hope that we can get a strong enough showing to
guarantee our own date for 2014.

We are going to be running on an open day and as a result
we will alternate with others that are there that day.

We are hoping to re create the same atmosphere that was
at the Meltdown Drags in Byron and the Hunnert Heads Up
in Union Grove.....
laid back - no attitudes........everyone hanging out and
having a good time.

OUR event will be a Billet Free Zone.....entrys should be
1966 or older. (we can make exceptions for vintage drag
cars but you must get pre approval from The Bombers)
Please understand that we are trying to recreate the hey
day of drag racing - this means no billet!!!
Period correct wheels ONLY!
We are not trying to be snobs.....just trying to bring back
some magic for 1 day........
and yes - you with that amazing Henry J gasser
have an amazing ride - but the Boyd Coddington wheels on
there mean you park in a different area (across from the
pits)- either ya change 'em out - or blast down with
another group that are out there making passes.  
There WILL be a separate parking area for cool cars that
dont meet the entry requirements - right across from the
pit area!  So go ahead and bring that bad ass '70
Charger....just understand the the spirit of the show is to
focus on the traditions of the past....and ultimately this
means no attitudes, just getting together and have a good
Remember the point of this whole get together is FUN.  
Attitudes can stay checked at the door.
There will be NO prize $$$.  This is not that kind of event.
Please note - there is NO CHARGE to show your car at our

Now everyone know that the point in going to Cordova is
to RUN your cars down the legendary track....
but the powers that be have agreed to let classic cars in at
normal spectator prices.  SO this means - JUST like Torque
Fest and Iron Invasion - EVERYONE pays the same amount
- car owners are not charged to show their rides.  When
you check in - be sure to tell the gate if you are going to
Show - or GO!  Obvioulsy we want you to GO!!! Cause we
wanna see you try to break a 14 in that ride of yours!  
Seeya there!

What we want!
Front Engine Dragsters!
Hot Rods!
Super Stocks!
Altered Wheel Base Cars!
even Kustoms and Classics are welcome - but please no
modern paint schemes (from the 80s/90s) or billet.
And YES - if you have a Motorcyle that fits in to this scene -
bring it on out!  We would really love to see some old drag
bikes if you have one hidden in the garage!  Cafe Racers
and Scooters welcome too!!!

We will have live bands

What makes this event unique is that you can make
passes with your own car if you choose to do so.....
your '61 Caddy can push the envelope and
make a pass under 24 seconds!!!!

Camping On Site - contact the Dragway

If you have any questions please contact me
Midnite Oil Rod Shop
We hope this guy shows up - he puts on an AMAZING
show for everyone.  Balls out and lifts the front end just
about every pass!