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Friday Cruise to Bluff Lake
We will have hand out sheets with this route info at Vendor Building #2 (volunteer and
model show building) at 3pm on Friday.
PLEASE let the camera vehicle pass you when it needs to!!!

Leave Jackson County Fairgrounds - turning Left on to 64 - then take another quick left to
head out on 62.
Drive about 3 miles and turn Left on Rockdale Rd.
Go about 3.5 miles and you will come to old 61 - turn Right and you are at the Hurstville Lime
Kilns - we will stop here for about 5-10 minutes.

Head North on Route 61 - do NOT travel faster than 45MPH if you wish to be filmed on the
cruise for inclusion on the forthcoming DVD.  Stay on 61 for about 5 miles.
Turn left at 150th St./County Rd E17.

Please go SLOW going up this hill until the camera is set up at the top of the hill - then feel
free to blast up the hill - the louder the better!
Stay on this road for about 5 miles until Iron Hills.
Turn left at Caves Road/County Road Y31.  Stay on this road for 1.5 miles.
On the right hand side there is a sign for Maquoketa State Caves Park.
We will park to get some photos here for about 10-15 minutes.

We may ask specific vehicles to do slow shots for the cruise film crew while in the park.
After this we will go on to Bluff Lake Catfish Farm.
Keep going straight through the park and it will turn into 98th St - stay on 98th and follow
the signs that say Bluff Lake. There may be a left turn on 95th St to take you down to the
bottom of the hill.  Once there - get ready for some good eating!  If you leave hungry - it's
your fault!  Not theirs!!
Please note the 1 mile of road after Maquoketa State Caves Park is gravel NOT pavement!!

After eating - we will go back to the entrance of State Caves park and turn RIGHT out of the
This will put you on Caves Road - stay on this for about 5 miles.
You will then turn right onto Route 61.
Take Exit 158 for the Platt St exit.  
At the light turn Left and proceed on Platt St until you arrive at the Jackson County

Be sure to get back in time to see the Jalopy Legends in action!  And bus races start around
For those that wish to go to the Drive In on Friday night - entry starts at 6pm.
Please dont wave at the camera - odds are it will be cut from the footage and you will not be able
to see yourself.