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If you are some cat that craves trophies - perhaps you should go to and buy as
many as you want.
We will have a couple of awards.
But really - Torque Fest is all about DRIVING.
THAT is the reward.

We encourage Car Clubs to present the awards that THEY feel are worthy to individual car
owners.  Vintage Torque Fest feels that car owners should feel more proud of awards given by
fellow gearheads than some subjective scoring system or lame "rules"

Bottom Line - if you are coming to the Torque Fest for a trophy - you are coming to the
wrong show.....
We encourage YOU to present an award from YOUR car club to honor your fellow
gearheads - in this way the recipient will understand that it was 1 car club's opinion of
what THEY thought was the best car at the show.  In this spirit we welcome home
made trophies - but if this is the only reason you are coming to the show.....please
stay home - trophy hounds are not what this show is all about.
If you would like to present an award - feel free - just bring the award to the main
stage when you arrive and then be at the awards ceremony 2 minutes before it
starts.  Please have a representative that will be able to speak on the microphone
stating the car that was picked by your car club.
Mauer & Willis
Mauer & Willis are a couple of THE hot rod
pioneers in Iowa.  Building their first hot
rods in the late 50's and continued in the
early 60's.  After catching the drag race
bug - they were out racing Big Daddy Don
Garlits around the midwest-before
corporate sponsorship became the REAL
name of the game.

Noel & Bob have decided to give
recognition to an individual that has had
their project car the longest.  The car that
will receive the award  has to meet the
requirements that have been set:
1) Car must be owned at least 20 years
by current owner.
2) Car must meet the entry guidelines
that are set in place by Torque Fest
3) Car must be at Torque Fest and in
running condition.
4) Car does NOT have to be on the road
for past 20 years - projects are OK.
Example - if current owner had a frame or
body in the back yard since 1966 and
FINALLY got it running last year - THAT IS
5) Photos are recommended
6) Current owner or representative must
be present to get award.
7) Noel Mauer will be taking submissions
at his car inside the main hall. Look for his
white chopped 1931 Model A - there will
be applications for the award there.
8) Person can only receive this award

This award is designed with the intent of
getting people to bring their historic rides
to Vintage Torque Fest! - This can be a
motorcycle, car, or truck - Bring them to
Torque Fest - We want to see them!!!
Check out the vintage business card
that Mauer and Willis had! --->