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Asphalt Fiends Coloring Book
Thanks for taking the
time to take a look at
the Asphalt Fiends
coloring book.

Many years ago there
was a very different
kind of coloring book
released....the Ed "Big
Daddy" Roth coloring
Ed Roth was a unique
individual involved in
car customizing, art,
motorcycles, and
known for creating the
cultural icon - Rat Fink.  
Back in '65 Roth
released his coloring
book and inside were
all sorts of monsters
and mayhem....just the
kind of stuff to get the
kids riled and restless.  
These original coloring
books are now very
collectible and
considered one of the
holy grails in Roth

Fast forward 40+ years
and you have seen
other artists have put
out their own hot rod /
monster art coloring
books as well.  Ben
"Drag Daddy" Mitchell
as well as the Manifold
on Main St coloring
book are both very
Some of the best low
brow artists in the
world came to the help
of Vintage Torque Fest
at the first gathering
in 2010.  And this year
they are coming
through again - with
the 2012 coloring book!

2012 Artists include:
John Detich, Eric Foust,
Grant Cushman, Ryan
Curtis, Dustin
Weisgerber, Kris
Chisholm, Shawn
Spiwak, Max Grundy,
Andrew Wright, Paul
Kester, Nate Greco,
Shawn Dickinson,
ZAKKA, Mike Learn,
BigToe, Chad Lampert,
Joey Finz, Mark
Thompson, Bruce
Gossett, Chad Scheres,
Scott Fisk, Jeff Gaither,
Johnny Jalopy, Corrie
Erickson, Jim Hively,
Ben Mitchell,
Swanson, Sara Ray,
Sinclair, Arlo Dillman, &
Ger Peters.  Special
Front Cover by Zombie!

2011 Artists include:
Todd Jones, Sinclair,
Mark Thompson, Scott
Fisk, Chad Lampert,
Gary Mizar, Grant
Cushman, Anthony
Ausgang, Zakka, Joey
Finz, Big Toe, 3 Sheets,
Jim Hively, Mike Learn,
Doug Dorr, Tingler, Eric
Foust, Arlo Dillman,
Curtis, Ben Mitchell, Ick,
Jeff Allison, Corrie
Erickson, Max Grundy,
Jeff Roads, Bwanadevil,
Chad Scheres, Bruce
Gossett, David Gabory,
Nick Hansen, Ger
Peters, and Britt
Madding.  And a very
special cover by

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book - the shipping will be $3
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