We Need YOU!

Vintage Torque is always on the lookout for traditional hot rods and
customs.  If you have a historic car that was on a cover of Car Craft
or raced in Bonneville back in the 50's or 60's....let us know!  We
would love to do a segment on the history of the car.

Also - we are always looking for new music to place in our DVDs.  
We prefer music that is upbeat - full of energy- and have some
melody.  But we are not opposed to psychobilly, red neck metal,
punk, bluegrass, western swing, or roots rock.  If it is good music -
we may want to feature it in our DVD.  Email us for details.

If you have seen us at a show, you know we have a LOT of
merchandise available for sale.  We are only able to put a handful of
what you see at the shows on the site.  Why?  Because the items
we sell are usually pretty unique and there is never a guarantee that
we will be able to get them back in stock.  Example:  I had a really
hard to find Rat Fink Snowglobe that was only available in Japan.  
There were only 100 of them made.  I had it at a show after
returning from Japan and a regular customer came to me and
looked at it and said he would think about the purchase.  He emailed
me the Monday after the show, expecting the item to still be in
stock.  I told him that I really only had the 1 and that it was sold at
the show that weekend.  He was very upset with me.....but I had
told him at the show there was only 1 and I could not get any more
after this one.  So if you see something at my table at a show,
don't expect to see it the next time, because there are some things
that are truly rare that I find for all the collectors out there.
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