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Vintage Torque Fest 2013 DVD
38 Degrees!  Perfect Weather for a Hot Rod Show!

2013 saw a forecast of 100% chance of rain and a high of 43
degrees for the fourth annual Vintage Torque Fest.  With
predictions like that, typically a show will cut the losses and
call it a day.  But the attendees of Torque Fest are a special
breed. They showed up with snow still on their rides and
telling stories of braving the snow and ice for hundreds of
miles.  This is not an easy task on bias plys!  The rain put an
end to all track action that typically happens at Vintage Torque
Fest.  But this lack of action only threw a spotlight on all the
other action that happens at the best hot rod festival in Iowa.  
The vendors, bands, swap meet, pin up girls, and art show all
helped keep the attendees fully occupied.  Even with the
lackluster weather and swamp like conditions, over 400 entries
and thousands of spectators came out to see the full spectrum
of kustom kulture on display in Dubuque Iowa.  Thanks to the
die hard fans and participants the show still was able to raise
money for a family in need - which is what this show is all
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