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Vintage Torque Fest 2010 Review
May 1, 2010 was one of those life changing days.  The outpouring of support for our little girl was humbling and
brought me to tears, literally.  There are
so many people I need to thank for making our event such a success.  The volunteers, the car clubs, Dennis
Gage and the Speed Channel film crew, the vendors, the
bands, the model contest participants, the art show contributors,
the friends and family, the true hot rodders that were not afraid to drive their cars in the terrible storm and
come out and battle the mud and standing water,
but most of all the good Lord above.  

So many people were asking if I was stressed or worried about things, and of course I was, but in the end I
knew that
ultimately all these things were out of my control.  So I would just say "I gotta give it up to God." Many people
in today's society are afraid to stand up
for what they believe for fear of offending any other people/minority.  I just gotta tell people that after sitting in
a hospital intensive care unit for almost
1 month with your baby - THAT will change your life.  Things that used to be very important to me are now
second or third string.  I realize now that things like
friends, family, and faith are the things that REALLY matter.  So I dont think I would have been able to get
through this without my faith.  This may seem silly
or bring a roll of the eyes to many, but I just gotta tell people my truth.

I know I freaked out a few times (the drunk jerks that were mauling feature cars,
going off on Cliffy, people that were parking in the VERY wrong areas, etc) and for that I apologize.  I need to
learn new coping methods and, in the future,
hope to be able to get my point across without going off.

Some of the stress that came in the show was self created.   I had been told by a few other "experts" in the
show circuit that no matter what you do....there will
be some cars that will not show up - even though they gave you their word and you shook on it.  So it is best
to get a few more cars lined up to get ready for
the eventual phone call of "hey - I just am unable to come over there and show the car."  I was told if I invite
25 cars, 20 will show up.  So I figured if I got
about 20 cars in there....that would be about right. Well, we only had two last minute cancellations! Advice to
anyone else out there that want to try this
in the future - you can ALWAYS get extra cars to come
in to the indoor area, but not the other way around.  I had to actually call a guy that was on his way to the
show to tell him that we had no more room for him
inside.  For this mistake I truly apologize.  I know now and will correct this.  Other problems that have been
shared will be addressed as well.... Perhaps putting feature
cars in the middle of the building and vendors on the wall will alleviate some of the congestion problems.  
Perhaps putting the bands outside under an event
pavillion will make it easier for the vendors inside to actually carry on a conversation.  These are just a couple
of things that have come up in my mind
immediately.  We had a lot of things to deal with on Friday and for me that was the most stressful part of the
entire weekend. A BIG thanks to Jack Walker, Spritz by Fritz crew,
The Egglestons, VooDoo Larry, Steve Day, and Rocky for helping me iron out the potential disaster that I
created.   I did screw that up and I need to thank everyone in the indoor car show area for working things out
and being cool in the end.  I think (hope) that most people will
still want to talk to me at the next events I see them at.  So all those feature car owners that have given me
their advice on what should be corrected for next
year - do not think your suggestions have fallen on deaf ears - I do listen and have already determined to
make some significant changes so that the indoor area will be more organized.

Saturday morning came waaaay too early, but I was there with all the core group of volunteers that were
ready to help this event run as smooth as possible, given
the circumstances.  We knew that things were going to have to be changed on the fly and with all the mud we
were compromised on the available space to park cars.
Fortunately the next door trucking company (Simons) were totally cool and let us start parking spectators
there, and without them, I do not know what we would have done.
This is just another example of people coming together to help us out and we can't thank them enough.

Throughout the day it seemed as though people were having a good time, and overall everyone seemed to
make the best out of a bad situation.

There were some cars mixed in the show that should not have been in.  In fact - there were 2 cars parked on
site that had emailed before the show asking if they could
get in, and I specifically told them no.  They were let in because our inspection teams had broken down to
parking people instead of was just a
function of getting people off the road as soon as possible.  So I know there were cars in the show that should
not have been in there.  Again - next year we will correct this
and hope that everyone will cut us a bit of slack for not being able to separate the cars properly.  I have seen
this problem and it will be addressed next year.

The major problems of the show that people have told me about - parking and food.
Both of these will be addressed for next year and we will be sure to keep everyone updated on the status of
this throughout the year.
Most people seemed to really love the location and we do not want to move if we don't have to.  We are
obviously concerned about the possible growth of the show in
the future, and where we could actually park all the people.  This is a huge issue and it must be addressed
quickly.  Food vendors are going to have to be added
to control the 30-45 minute wait for food.  This is completely unacceptable.  I can only assume that the
Speedway will be more prepared next year now that they
realize that this crowd is willing to travel over 1600 miles (had a guy from North Carolina drive all the way up)
to come and experience a unique event.  We tried
to convey to them the amount of people that were going to be there, but they thought we were full of it and I
think now that they have seen the crowds, they
may take us a bit more seriously.

Everyone wants to know the car count and the spectator totals.........
well - we were obviously unprepared for this crowd.  We had prepared card placards up to #330.  After #330
we have no clue how many cars actually were paid participants.
We suspect about 400 participating cars and another 50-75 VIP cars (this would be classic muscle, and other
assorted non traditional rides).  I have heard low estimates of
300 qualifying and 100 non qualifying cars.  High estimate is 375 qualifying and 125 non qualifying for a total of
500.  So next year we will try to improve on this
as well.  Spectators - we had 3000 wristbands and ran we have no clue how many people actually
showed up to see the spectacle that is Vintage Torque Fest.

Thank you so much to all the people that helped this be such a great event.  Los Punk Rods from Kansas City
were the key to getting this event started.  I did not have
the $$$ to get this rolling and they put up $$$ to get this off the ground. (If you can't rent the track and pay for
the insurance you can't have an event!)  The
Cheaters and Chrome Czars both were so helpful in getting the word out and doing some real hands on,
behind the scenes logistic work.  Voodoo Kings, Oliver Group, Bare Bones,
and many more all came out to support the show and we really appreciate all the help.  Getting to see the real
historic hot rods that the Slo Pokes brought in
was a real treat for me personally and I hope to have more history next year for the show.

I have literally over 120 people that I need to thank individually and I will
be sure to thank you in person or on the phone.  I hope to seeya at a future show and will be sure to give you
a heartfelt thank you for coming out.
Here are some of the shows that I will be at and that YOU should support:
May 8 Hunnert Heads Up
May 21-22 Rust Revival
May 30 Beatersville Louisville KY
June 6 Blacktop Barons Road Block
June 12 Scrap Drive
June 18-20 Back to 50s
June 24-25 Indy Road Rockets
June 26-27 Gears N Ears outside Chicago
July 18 Mooneyes LA
July 23 - 25 KKOA
Aug 6-7 Milltown
Aug 13-14 Symco Shakedown
Aug 20-22 HAMB Drags
Aug 21 - Cheaterama - Milwaukee
Aug 27-28 Rockin Roddin Reunion Quincy
Greaserama - Los Punk Rods ULTIMATE Show in Kansas City Labor Day Weekend
Sept 2-4 Davenport Bike Swap
Greenfield IA swap meet - Sept 10-12

Hunnert Car Pileup

Thanks to my wife for putting up with all this craziness over the past months - she is an amazing woman.  And
thanks to my kids for understanding that your dad can't
always be there on the weekends.  And thank you to all who have contributed $$ to the fund.  After it was all said and done we broke even on the
show (which is awesome for a first time show) and made $2500 on the art auction, $533 from the Olivers
donation jar, and Ed Tillrock was able to round up $136 from the
fellow artists and vendors.  This is a great start in paying down all these crazy hospital bills and get us on the
road to 0 balance before the next rounds of surgery
have to begin.  Thanks for coming out - please spread the good word in whatever way you can and we will see
you again April 30, 2011.

John Wells