Issue Number 4 of Vintage Torque
This DVD is not for everyone.  If you are afraid to get grease under your
fingernails, or have never been a member of the busted knuckle
club...then you may not "get it."

The cars you will see on this 2 DVD set are built to be driven. A few will
have shiny paint & others will be rusted, but all were built with pride and
with American steel.  

4 Hours on 2 DVDs of Timeless Traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms

Disc One
Santa Maria - West Coast Kustoms Simply put - the quality of the
rides at this show are unmatched.  Sit back and drool at the killer kustoms
in this segment.
The Anderson Merc - This kool kat has had this car for years and put
thousands of miles on it.....but it still looks amazing - we find out all the
different mods that have made this such a unique Merc.
Backwoods of Kentucky -Bruce Bowe takes us for a ride in the
hollers and hills of don't have to travel far to be in the
middle of nowhere!
David Mann Chopper Fest - This show gets some of the most killer
customs, choppers and bobbers on the West Coast - check em out riding
in and get the vibe of Ventura CA
DicE Magazine & Pacific Coast Highway Ride - After the David
Mann Chopper Fest, Dean from DicE magazine hit the road with some of
his mates.  Wasn't too long before the cops came a callin'.
Mooneyes Christmas Party 2008 - Since 2009 was completely
rained out we have included the entry and exit footage from 2008-this is
the only Christmas Party that matters!
Mooneyes Christmas Drags 2008 - One of the major reasons the
Mooneyes show is so popular - the run what you brung drags!
Cincinnati Motorama-Those Shaw's sure know how to throw together
a big shindig!  Check out the gassers, historic midgets, and stockers at
the 2009 event.
Rust Revival 2009 - Wayland MO has a population of 125
people.....until all the hot rodders show up!  Not as crazy as Hollister in
1947, but still crazy hot rodders mixing it up to a crazy beat!
Road Trip - Yokohama to Tokyo-Check out the scenery from the
passenger seat of a '35 Ford Truck on the streets of Japan
Disc Two
Suedes Car Club - Profile on one of the midwests finest traditional car
clubs - these guys have some nice rides!
The Art of Doug Horne-Primarily known for his work in the Tiki genre,
Mr Horne can lay down some cool hot rod images as well.
One Shot Kustoms Open House - Justin and Amy aka Ms Metal
host an open house every year for the true hot rodders in the community -
this year Vintage Torque got an invite!
Bill Balogh 1951 Mercury - 1 guy did all this
Los Alamos Cruise - Not only does West Coast Kustoms have one of
the best shows in the country - they get these cars to CRUISE - cehck em
out on the open road!
Detroit 2009 - One of the oldest show around, and still getting the true
hot rods.
Jalopy Showdown - Perhaps the most fun you could have at a car
show takes place here - check it out and see why the real enthusiasts
from the entire East coast show up
Shelley Barnes 1941 Plymouth-
This gal knows her stuff and she
covers all the special details on her '41
Lonestar Round Up 2009 - see the highlights from one of the
greatest shows in the world - dont look for anything newer than '65 -
cause at the Round Up - that ain't allowed.

Music  By:

Angus Khan/The All-Nighters/The Nevermores/Hellanova/The Dead
Rocks/The Beat Killers/The Verbtones/The Vermin/The Cavaliers &
Vintage Torque DVD #5