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Vintage Torque DVD #1 - Running Time 2 Hours 40 Minutes of traditional coverage.

PLUS a bonus disc of other hot rod events from around the country.

Bonus DVD runs 50 Minutes!

So you get 3 hours and 30 minutes of footage!!!

First DVD features:

The Polar Cruise - this is a mid winter cruise just outside Chicago where kool kats that are NOT afraid of the
elements take their cars out and run 'em!

Gene Winfield Interview - talking about the BEGINNING of the whole hot rod scene and his influences on it!

Yokohama Hot Rod Show - event coverage of one of the best car shows outside the USA

Blackie Gejeian Interview - reflecting on the traditional movement of today and the ORIGINAL hot rodders

DETAILS - this is the section of the DVD that we have already been told is the coolest part - This is the part that
features guys that have BUILT their cars and DRIVE their cars. Details on what they have done to the cars and
some back story on the cars. Each segment lasts about 1-3 minutes. Traditional car from kustoms to hot rods and
there may be a Volksrod included in the mix

Rick Dore interview - telling us the full details of the cars he built that were included at the San Francisco Rod &
Custom Show

Kustom Kulture ART - featuring the Ghetto Art Gallery in Tokyo - Featured Artist: KRNPX

Event Coverage from the San Francisco Rod & Custom Show

Mooneyes Japan Shop Tour

Alex Gambino Interview - telling us about the rides that he brought to the San Francisco hot rod show

Feature Car - Monster Bob and the Big Blue Car - this is the car that Monster Bob purchased from Reverand Horton
Heat - this car was also in the Petersen Auto Museum

Steve Caballero Interview - talks about his new car - it is niiiice!

The Bonus DVD will feature more classic car/muscle car related event's not necessarily what fits "in the
scene" but they are still cool cars and this is just a bonus that is thrown in for grins.

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DVD #2 covers events from 2008 like

Lonestar Round Up, Detroit

Billetproof FL, Shifters Car Show at Viva Las Vegas, Knoxville

Indianapolis, Ski Shores Cruise in Austin, Cincinnati.

Other coverage includes

A look into the Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo CA

The Art of Doug Dorr (who did our DVD cover this time!)

Voodoo Larry & the Voodoo Idol (the Gene Winfield tribute car)

Gene Winfield interview - he tells us about the cars that were featured in Detroit

The Finkosel (Rat Fink Carousel)

The Jeff Myers Cadillac

Dice Man From Japan and his '47 Ford Custom

Slideshows from Santa Maria and Viva Las Vegas

Bonus coverage from Tulsa and Boston.

Over 3.5 hours of Traditional Rods and Customs on 2 DVDs

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For those of you that dont know....

Our DVDs focus ONLY on traditional rods / kustoms / art

Volume 3 DVD features:

- Kansas City's best show called the Greaserama put on by Los Punk Rods

- The Cheaters Car Club in Milwaukee has an annual event called Cheaterama - full coverage from that show
is included as well as...

- The Voodoo Kings road trip to Cheaterama.

- Bowling Green KY - the Hot Rod Reunion - this gathering brings people from all over the country and there
is a bit of nostalgia drags on there as well as the hot rods that came to watch.

-Kobe Japan has one of the best independent bike shows in the world (Triumphs, BSA, old Harleys & Indians
etc - no new stuff) - our pal HemiDave was there and got some killer footage - so much that we could not
even fit it all on the DVD - the remaining footage will be on the website. For the motorcycle fans we also
have a small segment detailing the Davenport Antique Bike Swap.

- Max Grundy recently had a gallery showing at La Luz De Jesus Gallery and we were there to film it and get
an interview with him.......he seems to be an articulate, intelligent, funny guy - perhaps he is just a good

- Santa Maria! The big thing that everyone has been asking about IS on here this time.....Santa Maria -
formerly known as Paso Robles, event coverage is on here - and it features stuff in the show as well as out
on the streets. There is so much going on that weekend it seems no matter where you go there are amazing
rides everywhere. Last year saw the inaugural cruise from Santa Maria down to Los Alamos. We have
complete coverage of all the hot rods taking over this sleepy little we left the state rods were
heading into town.....seems the locals didnt appreciate the burnouts on Main Street!

- Feature Cars like Kirk Jones MAY CAUSE DANGEROUS - this car is outstanding - Alex Gambino did a lot of the
work and he did the interview for us detailing all the work that went into that Starliner. Also is a 60s show
rod that had been sitting in a heated garage for 35 years - looks like it just came off of Car Craft cover circa
1961. We interview some kool kats from Kanada about thier kustoms as well as a real hot rod guy - Mark
Chapman and his all steel '32 Roadster.

There is SOO much footage on here - oh I almost forgot - Rust Revival is on there as well! We had a tough
time trimming the 28 hours of raw video........we got it down to 4 hours. That is a 2 DVD set with 120 minutes

So you get a ton of footage for a great price. We are excited about this new one and have sent out promo
copies for final approval and the response has been GREAT! All the true hot rod enthusiasts will enjoy this
and we hope to see you down the road at some show this year.

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