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Vintage Torque  DVD #6

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5th Annual Polar Bear Cruise - Bare Bones CC

Symco Shakedown 2009

Jalopy Showdown 2010

Meltdown Drags 2010

Lonestar Round Up 2010

Mexican Blackbird - interview with Pete and Billy

Voodoo Larry Open House

Voodoo Kings Road Trip

Disc 2 (yes there are two DVDs in here)

Symco Shakedown 2010

Rust Revival 2010

Mooneyes Yokohama Japan 2009

Car-N-Art - The Art of Keven Carter

Hunnert Car Heads Up 2010

The Morrison Hop Up '32 Roadster

9th Annual Hot Rod Thrills and Kustom Kills (Rumblers show in Brooklyn)

Ducktail Run - Gas City 2009

G-Mans '51 Ford Club Coupe

Ski Shores Cruise 2010

Greaserama 2009

Music by

The Big Iron

The Coffin Lids

The Clams

Squid Vicious

Mean Mother

The Phantomatics

Bleach Bloodz

Aloha Screwdriver

Mister Neutron

Jack Baymoore and the Bandits