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Torque Fest Art Show

My name is John Wells and I will be in charge of the art gallery at Torque Fest. This will be a
kustom kulture style art exhibit, but with a bit of a twist.  I am asking the best artists from
around the country to donate some time and produce their own Malibu Surfer Hats. See vintage
advertisement below to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Torque Fest and sponsor -
JIMMY FLINTSTONE STUDIO will provide the product and the
artist will provide their imagination and their paint.
The artist can have the items back when they are done if they want. If the artist wishes to
donate the helmet, then we will auction off the piece to the fans that will be there. The shows
proceeds will be donated to the medical trust of

To see what I have in mind - please see the following links:

The following link shows the book that was released when the same kind of thing was done at
the Petersen Auto Museum for Rat Fink/Ed Big Daddy Roth exhibit.
 Rat Finks Revenge  

Star Wars Blog - Vader Project
This link shows what many different artist have done with the Darth Vader mask

...and not sure if you will see it – but there was a Bart Simpson gallery where Matt Groening
(creator of the Simpsons did a Rat Fink Bart)

I am trying to get a sponsor to help out with this…....(it would be nice to get a paint company
like One Shot or Lil Daddy Roth Metal Flake to help us out)
Since this is the first year – I am just gonna do a Malibu Surf Hat aka a costume WWII German
helmet – black with the styrofoam head if the artist wants to customize it as well. This is an easy
canvas to work with and plenty of room to create some unique art.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email:
Thank you
John Wells
again – I am trying to make this a different kind of show – and this is one of the things that can
separate OUR show from the normal show that is out there.
Artists Scheduled to Participate in 2012 Art Show:Big Toe, 3Sheets, Nick Sinclair,  Todd
Jones, Chad Scheres, Dick Cherry, Scott Takes,   Zakka,   Ick Studios, Squindo, Anthony
Ausgang, Bernie Ramirez "Lowcab", Von Hartmann, Arlo Dillman, Brian Biehl, Jimmy
Flintstone, Bomonster,  Charlie Decker aka One Armed Bandit, Bwana Devil, Ben "Drag
Daddy" Mitchell, KENDALL, Rich Keylard, Grant Cushman, Psychotic Air, Sean
Fitzsimmons, Corrie Erickson, Jeff Roads, Surf Monkey, Mark Thompson, The Gozz, Tyler
Walter, Shmajo Customs, HETZ, Chris Curse Stapley, Ger Peters aka Dutch Courage, Britt
Madding, Joey Finz, Django aka Chad Hill, Chad Lampert, Sonny de Palma, Max Grundy,
Lil Nick, Jason Mattox, Matthew Labutte and more to be announced shortly
2012 Art Show

We will have an expanded art show in 2012.  Not only will we have special one off
contributions made by some great artists from  around the world.  We will also have some
pieces of their original art for sale!  Prices will be determined by the artist.

Original pieces of art will need to be delivered to John Wells  by April 15, 2012.  If you wish to
have your art displayed properly - it should arrive already framed and matted.  We will NOT
have the time to be able to do this for the artists.  Please include your name, location, and
price with each piece that you send.  If you wish to contribute other pieces like bowling pins,
lamp shades, quarter panels, etc.  this will not be a problem.  They will be put on display along
with the more conventional art as well.

Contact John Wells for further questions:

Last year select artists were asked to do their own version of the Malibu surfer helmets....this
year we hope
that the artists will want to have their own versions of the Surfers Cross. (biker cross,
maltese cross, racing cross etc)

15" x 15" brushed aluminum and embossed - this will be ready  to apply enamel, airbrush,
flake, one shot, acrylic, or whatever the artists want.
We did the same thing for the helmets this past year....the artists that wanted theirs back -
got them back (except for 1 which
was accidently auctioned off at the show......sorry David).

This year we are still reviving the spirit of Ed Big Daddy Roth.  Last year we revived the
helmets that Roth produced in the late 60's.
2011 sees the Surfers Cross
Check out the article that was published in Time Magazine back in 1966,9171,899184,00.html
Here is the cover to the special coloring book that we will be
producing in conjunction with the art show.  These will be
available for sale at the Vintage Torque Fest.  All proceeds will
go to  Special thanks to Zombie
for doing the cover of the coloring book!  This will be
professionally produced and feature a full color cover!

Only $5 each!!!

All proceeds to:
2012 Original Art Auction at Vintage Torque Fest

Continuing the tradition of keeping the Big Daddy Roth spirit alive.....we bring you.......
The canvas that will be sent to the artists this year is a 2 foot by 18 inch Rat Fink.
We hope that artists that have contributed in the past will want to help the cause again.
Artists like Big Toe, 3 Sheets, Todd Jones, J-Sin, Squindo, etc have participated in the other
auctions....this year we
hope even more artists will want to be a part of the event.
All proceeds from the art auction directly benefit the Hannah Wells Medical Trust. This is to
help pay the medical bills,
insurance, & medication for Hannah.
Info on her story can be found at

Jimmy Flinstone of has helped out with the art auction again
this year.
If anyone wishes to purchase the normal Rat FInk signs - contact Jimmy through his site
Artists will receive 1 blank embossed Rat Fink ready for flake, one shot, enamel or acrylic.  We
know that the artists will provide some amazing interpretations to the classic icon - Rat Fink
Email if you wish to be a part of the art auction.
Check Out What DANNO
from Dannos Blackheart
Designs came up with!!!
Ace Finkley! Awesome!
Now let's see what the
OTHER artists come up
with!  Frankenfink?  
DracuFink?  Rat Danzig?
Boston Red Fink?