Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10i problems running Android 1.6 on Orange network


Hello to you all,

I got myself a Sony Ericsson Xperia 10i with Android on Orange, not a good move :-(

The phone looks good and at first glance even seems to work great.
But...I am having a few problems with it.

The Bluetooth usually works but does drop connection with the phone (in my jacket pocket) on the odd few occasions.

You can not make it auto connect to the headset and I've tried a few different ones, so if a call comes in you have to answer it manually.

Battery ???? if Bluetooth is on you get around ten hours usage or if using GPS, a lot less.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen, the middle one wakes the screen up from standby which is a pain in the ass if the phone is in your pocket, the button is very sensitive and the screen doing this gives you six and a half hours battery life this I found out the first day at

The Internet is not very fast and the gps can take ages to connect up and thats if the service is available.

The phone comes with a lot of built in apps but with no description of them in the manual and you can't get rid of them either.

The volume output is also not very good in fact it's crap.

The Android OS is version 1.6 baseband version 1.0.14.

Android 2 has been out a while and Android 2.1 is now out but when I go to updates it says I have the latest software....

If I could debrand the phone then I could update via Sony Ericsson instead of Orange but so far have not found a safe way of doing this without great risk of bricking the phone even using some of my old contacts for advice.

Orange prefers you to use their free apps (surprise there then) and the first stage you have to do on their site is to choose the phone from a list and the X10 is not listed and with no way of typing it in.

I got a voicemail from my sister and listened to it but can't seem to dump it and the orange shop guys don't know how to either.

There are other niggles that have come to light but can't remember them at the moment.

So being a little peeved with the above I decided to ring Orange Customer Care on 150 to then find another BIG PROBLEM, I went to dialler and rang the number but when the phone connects to the other end (this and any other call) the screen switches into standby mode, something that I set in the settings not to do ever except if I do it manually. In turn any key press will bring it to the unlock screen and the moment you unlock it it kills the call which is no good if your on an automated call system and you need to press the appropriate selection as your call is terminated already.

I spent an hour in the Orange shop using their phone to get nowhere apart from I will be called back later when the have spoken to Technical.....3 days on and I'm still waiting.

From what I can find out it so far it seems that Orange are the ones causing the hold up because they need to rewrite their warez to fit the new Os's as they come out and they
are not keeping up.

Orange did offer to replace the phone with the same model but it will still have the same Os 1.6 and problems as I have now, which is pointless.

I am sending a copy of this to Sony Ericsson, Orange and a few gadget review mags.
I will keep you all in touch with my progress as and when things happen.


Thanks for looking,

The Reverend Rat +:-(

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