William Gibson "Spook Country" signing and "Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes" poster


Hi to all of you,

I was tipped off (thanks Mark) that William Gibson, author of "Neuromancer", "Count Zero", "Mona Lisa Overdrive", "The Difference Engine" (with Bruce Stirling), "Virtual Light", "Idoru", "All Tomorrow's Parties", and "Pattern Recognition", was going to be signing copies of his latest book "Spook Country".


A couple of years ago armed with my trusty security bit screwdriver I managed to obtain a London transport CCTV poster.


It turns out that William Gibson had put on his blog that he was after the very same poster. So...I went to the book signing with my poster and traded it for a hardback copy of his book which he then wrote a dedication in it to me :-)


The dedication says:

To Reverend Rat with extreme gratitude for his generosity and security tool!

W M. Gibson
29 Aug '07

That's it for now, thanks for dropping in, speak to you all soon.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

More pictures from the Forbidden Planet book signing event on Wednesday 29th August 2007:






People from the Hacking the Gibson in London! thread on the William Gibson Books discussion board


Danacea from Forbidden Planet has a nice blog posting and Flickr photo gallery, about this signing event and the "Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes" poster":

The afternoon, however, holds one final surprise. In 2002, William Gibson saw a London Transport poster entitled 'Secure beneath watchful eyes' – he listed it in his blog and had been looking for it ever since – even going to the London Transport Museum to try and track it down. When one member of The Board, the fantastically named Reverend Rat, actually handed him a poster tube, he did the ‘kid at Christmas’ expression in flawless double-take. There’s a picture on my Flickr page, but it just goes to prove that one of the literary icons of our age, the creator of a genre and founder of a mythology, is just as human as everyone else.

Danacea's Flicker photo gallery.

William Gibson has another thankyou to The Reverend Rat in his blog posting wrapping up the Spook Country book tour- It's a wrap Sunday 21st October 2007

And thanks again to the Rev. Rat, whose exceptionally kind gift now hangs, archivally framed, in the guest bedroom.

A couple more photos of this event have now been posted on the William Gibson discussion board (new) Hacking the Gibson in London... again thread.

William Gibson tweeted on Thu May 20 18:20:54 +0000 2010

RT @bookofsand: .@GreatDismal When I think of London Eyes, I think of this Orwellian poster: http://bit.ly/bRCRh5 [I have one, framed!] 11:20 AM May 20th via Brizzly

Zero History, the sequel to Spook Country is due to be published on 7th September 2010, so William Gibson may well be signing books again in London, some time between then and Christmas 2010.

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