August 23, 2007

Milan Rai is now a Prisoner of Conscience under SOCPA

So much for Gordon Brown's vague promise to ease the Labour Government's restrictions on human rights of free speech and freedom of assembly arbitrarily aimed at suppressing political dissent within sight or earshot of Parliament and Whitehall.

Milan Rai, who together with Maya Evans, has been prosecuted and convicted of Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 section 132-138 offences is such a threat to the Labour Government and their Kafkaesque police and legal system bureaucracy, that he is now in prison.

See reports in the left wing alternative media Indymedia and the right of centre mainstream The Daily Telegraph

Even people who disagree with Milan Rai's political views on, say, the successful war against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, and the subsequent violence thereafter, should respect his right to express those views in a dignified, pacifist, non-violent way near to
where the politicians and bureaucrats work in Parliament and Whitehall.

He has presented no "security" threat whatsoever.

How can the political persecution and jailing of such a Prisoner of Conscience do anything except bring the English legal system into disrepute and bring shame on the Labour politician control freaks who are directly responsible ?

How can the United Kingdom government pretend to be morally superior to evil dictatorships and repressive regimes around the world, when they in turn can point to "political prisoner" cases in the UK, like that of Milan Rai ?