Foreign Secretary William Hague mentions the Gary McKinnon extradition case on Twitter re CyberSecurity

Foreign Secretary William Hague has mentioned the Gary McKinnon case during a Question and Answer session on Twitter, focussed on the forthcoming international LondonCyber conference.!/WilliamJHague/status/121913762826555394

MT @BrynGerard Does Britain employ the best talent to address IT security issues? What about Gary Mckinnon? #AskFs #LondonCyber

12:44 PM Oct 6th 2011!/WilliamJHague/status/121914025637453824

Yes we do employ some of best IT talent @BrynGerard! But you can't expect me to say much more.... #askFS #LondonCyber

12:45 PM Oct 6th 2011!/WilliamJHague/status/121914554123956224

Understand concern about Mr McKinnon - case currently before Home Secretary #askFS @BrynGerard

12:47 PM Oct 6th 2011

Thanks to @BrynGerard for asking this important question and for reminding some of the top UK Government politicians, civil servants and the mainstream media about the case.