Free Gary McKinnon red balloon found in Brittany, France

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Some of the balloons released on 3rd May 2010 Bank Holiday in support of Gary McKinnon's legal struggle against extradition to the USA, have been found about 420 Km or 260 miles away from London, at Le Rocher, near Tréal in southern Brittany in the north west of France.

Free_Gary_McKinnon_balloon_Le_Rocher_near_Treal_France_C913.jpg Free_Gary_McKinnon_balloon_Le_Rocher_near_Treal_France_C924.jpg
Free_Gary_McKinnon_balloon_Le_Rocher_near_Treal_France_C925.jpg Free_Gary_McKinnon_balloon_Le_Rocher_near_Treal_France_C935.jpg

Thanks to Stephane for sending us these photos.