Permission granted for another Judicial Review of the Gary McKinnon extradition case

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The Daily Telegraph reports:

Gary McKinnon wins judicial review of extradition decision

A High Court judge will rule on whether Alan Johnson was wrong to allow the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon after his lawyers were granted permission for judicial review.

Published: 4:18PM GMT 13 Jan 2010

Mr McKinnon's lawyer, Karen Todner, said she was ''delighted'' by the decision. A hearing is likely to take place in April or May with a judge to rule on whether the Home Secretary was right to decide that sending him to the US for trial would not breach his human rights.


She said in a statement: ''I am delighted that the High Court has agreed to grant permission for the judicial review of Alan Johnson's decision to extradite Gary McKinnon.

''However, that is countered by the very poor mental state of Mr McKinnon due to the ongoing pressure of these proceedings.

''I would urge Mr Johnson to review his decision and I appeal to President Obama to withdraw the application for extradition. Mr McKinnon's suffering has gone on long enough.''


Since Judgments may take several weeks or months to be published, the outcome of this Judicial Review is very likely to be after the forthcoming General Election, and over 8 years since Gary was first arrested.

We hope that you will all ask your election candidates to publicly state exactly what they would do with the Gary McKinnon case, or with future extradition cases to the USA which could be tried here in the UK, if they became Home Secretary after the next election, and then to vote accordingly.