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The leading UK human rights organisation, Liberty Human Rights has launched a campaign called Extradition Watch, to reform the notorious Extradition Act 2003, using Gary McKinnon's case as an example:



Extradition Watch Paper Plane<

Extradition is defined as the delivering up of accused persons by one government to another. British residents can be removed under a "fast-track" extradition system to EU and certain other countries. Liberty believes that fast track extradition is justice denied.

Don't let Gary go

Gary McKinnon's case is an example of extradition law failing to protect the interests of justice. Gary, who has Asperger's Syndrome, has been charged with hacking into the US Pentagon and NASA systems from his home computer in London.

Gary does not deny the hacking but claims he was searching for evidence of a UFO cover-up. In July the High Court ruled that his extradition must go ahead.

What you can do

We want you to take a photograph of yourself with your Extradition Watch aeroplane. We want to gather as many photos as we can to display to the Government that there is support for Gary and to get the message across that it is high time to change the law.

Download and print a PDF aeroplane. You will need to print the first page on one side of A4, then feed the sheet of paper into the printer again upside down and print the second page on the other side. Just contact us if you'd like a hard copy.

Three easy steps:

1. Fold it - following the instructions printed on the paper

2. Snap it - take a picture of yourself with your plane. Get creative! The best ones will be published on our website, and may be included in an exhibition

3. Fly it - post your photo to us at Liberty, 21 Tabard St, London, SE1 4LA or email it to

Time is running out for Gary, so please make sure you send your photo to us before Thursday 10 September. Please note, your photo may be published online and may be used in Liberty materials. (If you fly your aeroplane outside, remember to pick it up and take it home with you!)

Help us change the law

We believe that where a significant part of the conduct leading to an alleged crime occurs in the UK then a British court should have the option to refuse extradition if they believe it goes against the interests of justice.

Liberty has suggested an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill which would bring into force a provision which would allow a court to decide this in future cases. The amendment has been laid by the Conservative party and will be debated in Parliament later in the year.

Why not send the plane to your MP with a letter asking them to support the amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill? Or send your MP an email here.

Read Liberty's briefing on the bill for more information.

You could also write to the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, and tell him that fast track extradition is justice denied. Write to: Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

copy of the Extradition Watch Paper Plane PDF (.pdf)

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After the MacAskill decision, there is NO way Gary can have a fair trial in the US. Three reasons:

  • The Americans have made it clear that they are interested in revenge, not justice
  • The Americans have made it clear that they have no understanding of compassion
  • The anti-Scottish sentiment now is incredible

Sending Gary to the US would be like throwing him to the lions in the Circus Maximus. Not even Obama understands compassion, it seems. He could become the scapegoat for the entire Lockerbie situation. If our government can't find some technicality to keep him in the UK now, this could become something that shames our nation for years to come.

"The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle used the term anarchy negatively, in association with democracy which they mistrusted as inherently vulnerable and prone to deteriorate into tyranny. Plato believed that the corruption created by democracy loosens the "natural" hierarchy between social classes, genders and age groups, to the extent that “anarchy finds a way into the private houses, and ends by getting among the animals and infecting them”."

Ya - I can see that - infectious $$$ profit $$$. These guys were very smart, too bad. There should be a law that you must have a certain IQ to work for the government or be in politics. It is important to be able to see the big picture when making critical decisions that affect all.

Extradition is unjust for the McKinnon case and must be stopped by whatever means necessary. Including civil disobedience. Otherwise the future for all is grim.

As Henry David Thoreau said,"If a law does not serve you - do not respect it". It is our moral duty to oppose the flawed Extradition law.


@ Elle - civil disobedience against unjust laws is incredibly hard to organise in the United Kingdom.

The snooping, surveillance and propaganda resources devoted to suppressing even peaceful protests, are indistinguishable from those used against terrorism supporters.

"After the MacAskill decision, there is NO way Gary can have a fair trial in the US. Three reasons"

I'm sorry, could you please detail on what evidence or professional specialty you rely to come to your conclusions? Your arguments are entirely ridiculous and have NO basis in reality. You are simply making things up to suit your purpose.

Whether you like it or not, Garry DECIDED on his own to commit crimes against the United States and must now except the responsibility of those actions. The criminal does not get to decide the venue or administration of justice anymore than the victim decides to be victimized



Gary is from the uk for god's sake, what would he have to gain from nothing but the truth.

Why would he lie??????????

Has the person posting the "fg" comments changed? I only ask as I can't imagine the "old fg" coming up with this kind of clap-trap:

@ Elle - civil disobedience against unjust laws is incredibly hard to organise in the United Kingdom.

The snooping, surveillance and propaganda resources devoted to suppressing even peaceful protests, are indistinguishable from those used against terrorism supporters.

Look, the majority of us wish Gary all the best and do not wish to see his extradition and I've always found "fg" was pretty much reflecting my own views, but these ridiculous political diatribes should really be avoided or you risk alienating the "moral majority".

@ Stu - no change - and it is not ridiculous.

Perhaps you have not noticed the vast array of CCTV cameras, tens of thousands of Terrorism Act 2000 section 44 "stop and search without reasonable cause", the need to apply for permission to the Metropolitan Police in writing a week beforehand to hold even a 1 person "protest" within the Designated Area around Parliament Square (and beyond as far as the Home Office), the retention of all telephone, mobile phone and internet email logfiles etc. etc. ?

All of which are supposed to be anti-terrorism and anti-serious organised crime measures, and which have not prevented any terrorism attacks, but which have been used to harass peaceful protestors, of various political persuasions, and many other entirely innocent people such as photographers, tourists or train spotters.

Where various protest groups have threatened to escalate from peaceful protests, to push the boundaries of the law with "direct action" or "civil disobedience" they have been subjected to exactly the same techniques as are used against terrorism supporters, involving arrests and searches of homes, seizures of computer equipment etc., fingerprinting, DNA sampling, photography and then, usually, release without charge, but with the threat of the taint of of the arrest on your computerised record, following you through the rest of your life.

Nowadays, "civil disobedience" is a big step to take from purely peaceful and lawful lobbying of politicians and campaigning for media attention.

Which "moral majority" do you think will be alienated by this view ?

Not the Conservative party, nor the Liberal Democrats, nor the Scottish Nationalists, nor supporters of Liberty Human Rights, nor readers of the "left wing" The Guardian newspaper, nor readers of the "right wing" Daily Mail newspaper, who have all criticised this inept and authoritarian Labour government for such actions and policies.

he committed crimes against the us and should be tried in the us. period.

hacking into government systems - for whatever reason - presents a clear danger to the security of that government.

@ grrl_come_undone - this website disagrees with your opinion.

Gary should face a fair trial here in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps if Gary were to be sent to Malaysa or Singapore for a twenty-four count caning and then returned home, American justice would be satisfied and no further action required. No jail time, no fine. All would be fine.

Security - what a fragile thing...

There are many peaceful ways to fight tyranny. The greatest impact is found when you profile the target. For an issue of law - could be not obeying tax law, for instance.

The Gary McKinnon issue looks to me as a socio-political/human rights attack. As well as a question of the legalities of the extradition law.

I watched all the videos I could find on the internet yesterday pertaining to Gary McKinnon and noticed that Gary and his Mother Janis must be Irish. Is it possible that this case is the result of prejudice against the Irish? Frack! What if??


As a United States citizen I have written President Obama and my congressional representatives, asking that the extradition not be pursued and that Mr McKinnon be tried and receive whatever punishment the British courts decide. It is my hope that he receive medical treatment as needed as well.

I have not contacted any British officials, as I doubt they could care less what a US "commoner" has to say.

Any additional suggestions as to further actions on my part are welcomed.

Personally, I feel that Gary will not be alive very long if he is to become exhiled from his homeland. And interesting how his case resembles a "dissapearance" attempt.


@ RVL - everything would not be "fine" it would mean the destruction of the UK and US legal justice systems.

You are asking for someone to be punished, without trial, in a way which is illegal in the UK and in the USA, for alleged offences which Malaysia or Singapore have no interest in, and no legal jurisdiction over.

You and your family would also then be at risk of such arbitrary punishment, on the flimsiest of allegations.

What about the A.C.L.U. having come out publicly in support of Gary as reported at Its sister organization in Britain called Liberty acknowledged the ACLU's support. This is important. I can never understand how matters like this aren't discussed much or immediately on this blog.

Elle, you've dropped off the deep end with your above post about Gary's survival if exiled and his case resembling a disappearance. Did you write it without knowing about Liberty and the ACLU?

O.M.G., Irish, Elle, Gary is a victim of anti-Irish bigotry? No. That would be insanity. There's a huge Irish American community that is part of the American establishment and that wouldn't stand for it. The British establishment couldn't start such a campaign today - that's what the British call a no-go. Gary's more Scottish and I know for a fact that unfortuntely, the UK central government has no complaints against the Scottish establishment. Gary found some UFO information that he shouldn't have and using his intellect to get it in spite of the Pentagon's best efforts to thwart him, bugs the hell out it. It flipped out - went bananas.

The following is some information from the site: "The "Story" of JAY-rod - Part I."

In abstract, it seems that there's so much classified UFO information in the Pentagon that Gary or anyone else who gets in, couldn't help but violate some classification by the "satelite government" (U.S.). Because Gary's case involves the "separate" government (U.S.), they're putting forth an extra effort. In a way, it's nothing personal. That's sick, but it seems to be the case. I respect the UK government for not handing him over. It knows what its up against and I admire the human beings in it for not buckling under to the "second" government (U.S.). I honestly believe that most members of the British government are afraid of the "satelite government (U.S.)."

---"A group was formed by the President, and
the chairman of the group was Vice President Richard M. Nixon. Around June of 1953, the final decision was made to set up a "satellite government." This separate government would
interface with the U.S. Government for support only. Personnel involved in any part of disc retrieval, including first hand knowledge, were reassigned as satellite government entities..."

"Here is a list of what is classified under their rules: technical data, drawings, photos, sketches, illustrations, procedures, all documents relating to personnel, companies,
related associate military groups, code names, types of classifications, names of people, etc."

All Gary wants, is free access to DATA. That's it. Why would a power like America be prosecuting him on criminal charges?... they should be utilizing amazing tools like Gary, and myself... to up security. The chinese are over 1Billion strong, and have threatened the world with power outages and massive Network intrusions.

Perhaps we need to keep him where he is, and slam him in a cell in GB, not the US. I work, and Hack in the US, and to this day have not had ONE investigation conducted on me.

I will say this, I support Gary Mckinnon, and may God bless him and the people that follow his cause. He has done nothing wrong but prove, again; that the US is a manipulative and secrative Empire. Rome too fell, as well as GB... so it's only a matter of time Gary. Only a matter of time.

Up the Republic!!! & Hack the Planet!!!

DataRapist :: Good point - information should be free to access for all who care to know. Why all the secrecy. The masses have been left in the dark. And ingnorance is not bliss. It is, however, a reciept for disaster.

And if information was accessible to all - the issue with Gary would not exist. It is only the motivation of secrecy.

I personally think - from a hackers perspective - that 911 was an inside job - and they are terrified that anyone could find the truth. Imagine what hell that would raise if the america people found out.

As for the rest of us, maybe the hackers are not terrorists after all. Maybe we are the only ones who actually know the truth and are trying to open the eyes of others without being sent to guantanamo ourselves.

Hack the Planet!


@ 441 - we have had links to this sent via email quite regularly, but nobody can cite a single example of where this has ever worked in practice.

You really need your own military forces to be able to declare yourself as your own sovereign state, able to ignore this country's legal and taxation system.

I think it is disgusting that we can release somebody like that terrorist on compassionate ground to go and see his family. The person who killed all them innocent people by blowing up a plane over Lockerbie.

And yet we aren't willing to do anything to help someone who has not killed anyone, his only crime is that he proved to the American's how useless their security system is and possibly even prevented a terrorist attack on the American computer system by forcing them to increase their security.

It would appear to be racist towards Scottish people to extradite Gary McKinnon when they have let that terrorist go.

Hopefully the Scottish, British and American government will once again prove how understanding they are of human rights, and free Gary McKinnon.

441 ::
As a matter of fact,there is a large - and growing - number of people herein Canada who are using this law ( Magna Carta ) to revolt peacefully against the Canadian taxation law. People whomI personally know and have done work for. They have sucessfully NOT payed taxes on their businesses and properties for years. This group is growing fast as it is perfectly legal to be a 'Natural Person' and has even been tested in a court of law on specific points and endured the scrutiny of magistrates.

There is a process for becomming a 'Natural Person' ,though, and it must be followed perfectly otherwise you may be unsuccessfull. You cannopt have any debts to the state and must refuse any monies sent to you (GST credits, ect) from the government. There is a man here who actually gives seminars on the subject. The question of law goes like so, if you denounce your citizenship then you are warned that 'the law will no longer protect you'. But if the law is NOT protecting you - who cares? It has been tested on driving without a drivers licence and won I believe. But it has a long way to go. Don't think it has been tested on a criminal matter. But the theory is perfectly legal...

Perhaps some day the people will realize that WE own the planet NOT them.


The two sites cited above about lawful rebellion and natural persons can only go so far. The concepts discussed therein will make our broken system better only temporarily. When Gary smoked marijuana, he made a statement that the system sucks, it can only be made less evil, and then, only temporarily.

We go through these periods where government corruption is exposed, such as with the Pentagon Papers and the C.I.A. assassinations, the Franklin case involving the Bushes, etc. Then, the passes laws reigning in the C.I.A.; but, 30 years later, the Bushes are elected to the government, the government secretly sanctions the use of torture by the C.I.A. and D.O.D. and even in less horrible ways, violates human dignity, such as in Gary's case.

Gary and the 23 million Americans who smoke marijuana and commit other victimless crimes, got it right - the "system" can't be fixed, get out of it and try not to get caught. Peaceful anarchy. If you're still here 30 years from now, you'll see what I mean. Lawful rebellion under British law is a joke by the establishment.

You acted in a criminal manner. Stop windging and having your Mom create some media storm to protect you. How old are you????

Stand up, be a man and be accountable for you actions.

What a waste of an existence in my mind to whine, whine, windge that way your cause is.

Most murders, thieves, criminals all act in the same way as far as I'm concerned. You are guilty, you know it.... so does that give you the right to be some sort of Celebrity????????

Be a Man and get out of the media.

Constantly hearing admittedly guilty individuals pleading for “special treatment” in the media is a discouraging success to witness. A month doesn't go by that we don't see a family pleading for their loved ones to be spared court ordered/approved justice.
-- It de-values the rest of us who live our lives respectful of UK and International law. --

I understand there will always be travestie and injustice in the courts... but here is a guy that knowingly put himself in this harms way. If he has the mind of a child and didn't know what is "right" and "wrong" than maybe his mother should have put as much effort into him prior to this incident as she is now?

I don't mean to be callous, nor rude... but really, Isn't there at least some sense in what I'm saying??

@ Rob - This case is much more complicated than you appear to assume.

Gary has never been unwilling to face a fair trial in the United Kingdom, and to take whatever punishment a UK Court might impose on him.

The United Kingdom Computer Misuse Act 1990 certainly applied to his actions, equally as much as any US laws, since he was physically in the United Kingdom.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there was less than an even chance of securing a conviction on the evidence that was likely to be presented, so he was not charged, so Gary remains innocent until proven guilty, no matter what you have read on the internet or seen on tv.

The issue is whether or not he should be extradited to the USA, through the retrospective application of the controversial Extradition Act 2003 (Gary was arrested in 2002, before this new law ever existed) which prevents any actual examination of prim facie evidence by a UK Court. Conversely, the UK authorities do have to show evidence to a US court, where it cvan be cross examined by the defence, before making an Extraditon decision.

This is manifestly unfair, and only applies to UK citizens, every other country either refuses to allow extradition of their own nationals to the USA, or has exactly reciprocal arrangements, just like we used to we used to at the time of Gary's arrest, but no longer.

All of the legal proceedings so far have been about points of law, not the actual substance of the allegations against Gary.

Under the old Extradition law, applicable at the time of his alleged offences, the highly dubious claims for large amounts of financial damage (as opposed to career threatening and political embarrassment) might well have been rejected,but none of that has happened.

Gary was only diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome after people had seen him on television interviews. This medical diagnosis by some of the world's leading medical experts in the field, has never been challenged by the UK or US governments or courts.

What has devalued our traditions of British justice has been the politically expedient sliminess of successive Labour party Home Secretaries, who have betrayed British sovereignty, for no practical gain in return from the USA.

What is the importance of some files being deleted? Didn't they had a backup? I format my computer everyday, re-install it. I may have done it 7000 times in my latest 20 years. He might see some pictures or read some meaningless army inventory codes. Did he sell these files to anybody? If there is some guilt in this then US goverment can give him 93 (or whatever they reported hacked number of) computer to him and make him reinstall them. What is the meaning of 70 years in prison? Is this really justice? Even if he has seen UFO or something what the heck that will change? Will people start throwing stones or using their guns against UFO's? They must thank him for showing them what lacks in their computer security. May be, we might all cease using computers, so the goverments may feel secure. And another thing, The "Great" Britain can not protect her people from unjustice of one of her allies, this is awkward. This is not what I learned from British history. Honorable and true lords always cared for their people and universal justice in old times, especially queens family line was extremely caring for people as much as I know. I wish the queen will notice and help you...

(Sorry for my bad english, I really meant good things in all my words, but they may got offensive meanings (which I really don't want), because I didn't use english for many years. I heard the case years ago in my country and today, by chance, I learned it continued till this time. I really support you and believe Great Britain, Lords and Queen will do great things for you and your family. Don't be depressed...)

Super site, and nice text.

Gary McKinnon is facing extradition to the USA under the controversial Extradition Act 2003, without any prima facie evidence or charges brought against him in a UK court. Try him here in the UK, under UK law.

Write in support of Gary

If you feel strongly enough that Gary McKinnon should not be extradited to the USA, but should be tried here in Britain, then there are various people you can write to.

Firstly you can write to us here at We will pass your messages of support on to Gary, and publicise this support to the media and to the politicians.

You can post anonymously here on this blog, but please be polite. Alternatively you can send us emails, but if you want a reply and the latest news, then you need to use a valid email address.

You can write to your Member of Parliament via WriteToThem

If your Member of Parliament has not already done so, then please ask them to sign

Early Day Motion 2388 sponsored by David Burrowes MP

(Previously, EDM 241 sponnsored by the then Conservative MP and now Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also gathered a large number of MP's signatures opposed to the unfair Extradition Act 2003 and the Extradition Treaty with the USA).

You can also write to David Blunkett Charles Clarke John Reid Jacqui Smith Alan Johnson Theresa May who is now the 6th Home Secretary who has had the responsibility for Gary McKinnon's extradition case:

You can send an email public.enquiries@ or a letter to:

Home Secretary
Rt Hon. Theresa May MP
c/o Direct Communications Unit
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Home Office Contact Us page

Write to US President Barack Obama - the official website of the President of the Umited States of America, Barack Obama.

"President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff, please use the form below:"

Contact the White House web message form.

Please use this form to remind them just how counterproductive, and damaging to US national interests, especially to their supposedly changed international reputation, putting Gary McKinnon on trial in the USA would be.

Extradition Watch


Extradition Watch campaign to reform the Extradition Act 2003 by Liberty Human Rights .

You can download a PDF Paper Aeroplane and then photograph it, in support of Gary McKinnon

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Photos of Gary


Gary_McKinnon_Bow_Street_Magistrates_24_Nov_2005_600.jpg Gary McKinnon outside Bow Street Magistrates' Court, London, 24th November 2005

Bow_Street_Magistrates_Gary_McKinnon_24_Nov_2005_600.jpg Gary McKinnon outside Bow Street Magistrates' Court, London, 24th November 2005

Gary_McKinnon_Janis_Sharp_15Jan2009_150min.jpg Gary McKinnon and his mother Janis Sharp at the Doughty Street Chambers press conference 15 January 2009

Gary McKinnon and his mother Janis Sharp at the Doughty Street Chambers press conference 15 January 2009 (click the image for a larger version in a new window)

gary-janis-mayday_150.jpg Gary McKinnon and his mother Janis Sharp at the May Day Bank Holioday 2010 balloon release event event near the Houses of Parliament

Gary McKinnon and his mother Janis Sharp at the May Day Bank Holiday 2010 balloon release event event near the Houses of Parliament (click the image for a larger version in a new window)

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Gary McKinnon is facing extradition to the USA under the controversial Extradition Act 2003, without any prima facie evidence or charges brought against him in a UK court. Try him here in the UK, under UK law.

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This blog website is intended to support British citizen Gary McKinnon, who is facing "fast track" extradition to the USA (after over five six seven eight nine ten years since his initial arrest !). Gary was indicted by a US court in November 2002, accused of "hacking" into over 90 US Military computer systems from here in the UK. The unjust treatment of British citizens (and others) when facing the might of the US Military "justice" system, which practices detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, and stands accused of making use of torture by allied regimes ("extraordinary rendition") is an ongoing scandal. It cannot be excused even by a "war on terror". It seems only just that Gary should face any charges in a British court, and to serve any sentence, if he is found guilty, in a British prison. N.B. With the good news that Gary will not now be extradited to the USA, this blog will continue to raise awareness of the issues raised by Gary's case and others who have suffered unjustly through the UK's one sided extradition arrangements with the USA and to a lesser extent, Europe.

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Is anyone more likely to have any email accounts he dared to use, monitored by the UK and US authorities ?

If you are a tv or radio or print journalist, or a freelance writer or documentary film maker, wanting to interview Gary, please include some full contact details and a contact phone number, and we will pass on your request to Gary's family.

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Gary McKinnon's mother, Janis Sharp is indefatigable in support of her son, and is now using Twitter to help to keep friends and supporters informed. You can follow her "tweets" at: #TweetsStorm's in support of Gary Mckinnon.

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Links to media interviews and video clips about Gary McKinnon's extradition case, featuring Gary, his mother Janis Sharpe and other supporters, can be found at:

Petitions in support of Gary McKinnon and others

Several people have expressed interest in "signing a petition" in support of Gary's plight.

N.B. the anti-road pricing / snooping petition on the Number 10 Downing Street website achieved 1,791,942 signatures, but this was rubbished and ignored by the Labour Government under Tony Blair, so do not expect too much of what will inevitably be much smaller petitions in support of Gary McKinnon.

This PledgeBank Pledge (not quite the same as a traditional petition), resulted in lots of people actua;lly taking the time and trouble to write to the then Home Secretary John Reid - so many that the Home Office stopped sending back indfividual replies.

This Pledge closed on 8th June 2006, and attracted 745 pledge signatures.

People have petitoned the Prime Minister (Tony Blair): GaryMcKinnon/

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop the extradition to the US of accused hacker Gary McKinnon.

This petition closed on 27 August 2007 with 876 Signatures.

There is a petition on a web petitons site, which is open for signature:

Stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the United States

We the undersigned urge Gordon Brown and the UK Government to consider the evidence and if appropriate prosecute Gary McKinnon, an Asperger Syndrome sufferer, in UK courts rather than allow him to be extradited to the US for offences relating to accessing US Government computers in 2001.

There is another current No 10 Downing Street website Petition to the Prime Minister (Gordon Brown):

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Scrap the US/UK extradition treaty

Another Petiton (August 2009): Sign up 4 Gary McKinnon:

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minster Of the UK and Alan Johnson and the UK Government, for Gary to be tried in the UK- FREE GARY.

Petition to Stop the Gary McKinnon extradition to the United States (November 24th 2009)

We the undersigned urge Gordon Brown and the UK Government to consider the evidence and if appropriate prosecute Gary McKinnon, an Asperger Syndrome sufferer, in UK courts rather than allow him to be extradited to the US for offences relating to accessing US Government computers in 2001.

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Kaim Todner - solicitors

November 2002 Grand Jury Indictment (.pdf)

November 2002 Grand Jury Indictment with all the "censored" IP addresses revealed by "cut and paste".

Virginia Indictment - November 2002 Department of Justice press release

New Jersey Indictment - November 2002 Department of Justice press release

New Jersey indictment - full text

Military Commission Order No. 1 (.pdf) - signed by President George W. Bush, March 21st 2002.

Extradition Act 2003

Computer Misuse Act 1990

Read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office official online  and printed copies of the unbalanced USA - UK Extradition Treaty - it even uses American English words and spellings e.g "offenses" and "authorize" ! Extradition Treaty between the UK and the United States of America with Exchange of Notes Presented to Parliament: June 2007 (.pdf)

Statewatch's analysis of the civil rights defects in the UK-US Extradition treaty

Oral Evidence on UK-US Extradition Treaty given to the House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs on 22nd November 2005 given by Senior District Judge Tim Workman; Ms Sally Ireland, Senior Legal Officer, JUSTICE; Andy Burnham MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office

International Extradition Blog - by McNabb Associates a law firm that specialises in international extradition cases.

The Appeal Court Judgement issued on 3rd April 2007 is now online via the BAILII database

The House of Lords Judgment - 30th July 2008:

McKinnon (Appellant) v Government of the United States of America (Respondents) and another

Gary McKinnon's statement to the Director of Public Prosecutions, January 2009, published by Computer Weekly: US took 39 months to demand McKinnon's extradition.

McKinnon v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2009] EWHC 170 (Admin) (23 January 2009) - Oral Hearing which allowed a Judicial review on the Asperger's Syndrome aspects of the case, to be held some time after 16th March 2009

Computer Weekly have published Crown Prosecution Service Review Note 3, which explains some of the reasons why the CPS found insufficient evidence to prosecute Gary in the UK, including some inadmissable hearsay, and doubts that some of the alleged computer foresnic evidence was up to the ACPO guidlines for ensuring an untampered chain of evidence, and doubts about the unproven amount of alleged financial damage being claimed.

The British and Irish Legal Information Institute have published the text of the two combined Judicial Review Judgments made against Gary McKinnon which were handed down on Friday 31st July 2009:

Lord Justice Stanley Burnton and Mr. Justice Wilkie's refusal to allow Gary McKinnon's case to be certified to go up to the Supreme Court on appeal,handed down on Friday 9th October 2009.

McKinnon, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for Home Affairs [2009] EWHC 2449 (Admin) (09 October 2009) URL: Cite as: [2009] EWHC 2449 (Admin)

Other Links

London 2600 - open monthly meeting which discusses IT Security and Technology etc., from both sides of the fence.

Egypt 2600 - just like London 2600, but in Egypt, also interested in the Gary McKinnon's case.

School of the Americas Watch - information on the notorious "School of the Americas" renamed to the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" in Fort Benning, Georgia.

The Disclosure Project serious research about possible UFOs

Wikipedia entry for Gary McKinnon - has links to several media interviews etc.

Scottish Human Rights website inspired by thinking about Gary McKinnon's case, and realising that similar things could so easily happen to you. The law in Scotland is somewhat different from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Free Babar Ahmad - another British (Muslim) IT worker, also facing extradition to the USA, also at risk of a Military Tribunal. - campaign support for the Enron / NatWest 3 bankers - David Bermingham, Giles Darby and Gary Mulgrew facing extradition extradited to the USA for alleged crimes committed in the UK.

Stop the Extradition of Sean Garland - an Irish Republican politician arrested in Belfast, also facing extradition to the USA for alleged crimes committed in the UK or in Russia. - petiton Labour MPs to support the amendments to the Extradition Act 2003 passed by the House of Lords to the Police and Justice Bill, when it comes before the House of Commons at Report Stage on the 9th and 10th of October 2006. About 50 Labour MPs are required, as all of the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and most of the other minor Opposition parties are committed to support these amendments.

Howes Family Extradition Fight - amother extraordinary extradition case to the USA.

Financial appeal to sue the UK Government - Ross Hemsworth, an online radio presenter of paranormal and UFO investigations, is trying to taise £5000 to initiate legal proceedings, with the help of top human rights law firm Bindmans LLP, against the Home Secretary, to "challenge the government's refusal to review the unjust and one-sided extradition treaty with the USA." - support website for Gary McKinnon by Ed Johnson.

Gary the musician

Gary McKinnon is, amongst other things, a musician and songwriter.

You can download a couple of his songs from the low budget film Lunar Girl which was produced in 2001.

The video from this film of Only Fool, still available on YouTube, was very popular on MySpace, until it got censored.

How not to research a thesis on Gary McKinnon

This blog tries to be helpful to journalists, documenatry film makers, book researchers etc. who are researching the background of the Gary McKinnon extradition story.

For those academic thesis supervisors using search engines or academic plagiarism detection tools, here is an example of how not to "research" a thesis or dissertation about the Gary McKinnon extradition case.

See the comments by "Eye4Lies" in the comments on starting at House of Lords Judgment against Gary McKinnon now online and again at European Court of Human Rights to hear Gary McKinnon's application against extradition to the USA on 28th August 2008