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The leading UK human rights organisation, Liberty Human Rights has launched a campaign called Extradition Watch, to reform the notorious Extradition Act 2003, using Gary McKinnon's case as an example:



Extradition Watch Paper Plane<

Extradition is defined as the delivering up of accused persons by one government to another. British residents can be removed under a "fast-track" extradition system to EU and certain other countries. Liberty believes that fast track extradition is justice denied.

Don't let Gary go

Gary McKinnon's case is an example of extradition law failing to protect the interests of justice. Gary, who has Asperger's Syndrome, has been charged with hacking into the US Pentagon and NASA systems from his home computer in London.

Gary does not deny the hacking but claims he was searching for evidence of a UFO cover-up. In July the High Court ruled that his extradition must go ahead.

What you can do

We want you to take a photograph of yourself with your Extradition Watch aeroplane. We want to gather as many photos as we can to display to the Government that there is support for Gary and to get the message across that it is high time to change the law.

Download and print a PDF aeroplane. You will need to print the first page on one side of A4, then feed the sheet of paper into the printer again upside down and print the second page on the other side. Just contact us if you'd like a hard copy.

Three easy steps:

1. Fold it - following the instructions printed on the paper

2. Snap it - take a picture of yourself with your plane. Get creative! The best ones will be published on our website, and may be included in an exhibition

3. Fly it - post your photo to us at Liberty, 21 Tabard St, London, SE1 4LA or email it to

Time is running out for Gary, so please make sure you send your photo to us before Thursday 10 September. Please note, your photo may be published online and may be used in Liberty materials. (If you fly your aeroplane outside, remember to pick it up and take it home with you!)

Help us change the law

We believe that where a significant part of the conduct leading to an alleged crime occurs in the UK then a British court should have the option to refuse extradition if they believe it goes against the interests of justice.

Liberty has suggested an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill which would bring into force a provision which would allow a court to decide this in future cases. The amendment has been laid by the Conservative party and will be debated in Parliament later in the year.

Why not send the plane to your MP with a letter asking them to support the amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill? Or send your MP an email here.

Read Liberty's briefing on the bill for more information.

You could also write to the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, and tell him that fast track extradition is justice denied. Write to: Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

copy of the Extradition Watch Paper Plane PDF (.pdf)

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