Please ask your Member of Parliament to sign Early Day Motion 2388 Extradition of Gary McKinnon

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Gary McKinnon is still in legal limbo, awaiting a possible decision about whether or not a Judicial Review will be granted or not, whilst being liable to be arrested and expelled to the the USA at any time, by order of of Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Given the political embarrassment which this case will cause any US Government, it would be surprising if any US or UK bureaucrats make any sort of decision before the US Presidential Election next week, but there are currently no legal barriers to Gary being extradited immediately.

Gary McKinnon's Member of Parliament, David Burrowes MP for Enfield, Southgate in London, who is a Conservative front bench spokesman on Justice, has sponsored an Early Day Motion, which you can urge your own Members of Parliament to sign in support of Gary:

EDM 2388


Burrowes, David

That this House notes the accepted practice of the governments of Israel and the Netherlands of requiring assurances from the US Administration prior to their nationals being deported to face trial in the United States in cases involving defendants suffering from medical or mental health disabilities, that those nationals will be repatriated to serve any sentence imposed by the relevant United States court; and urges the Home Secretary not to permit the extradition to the United States of Mr Gary McKinnon of Palmers Green, London, an Asperger's syndrome sufferer charged with computer misuse in the United States, until such time as she receives express assurances from the US Administration that in the event of his being found guilty and sentenced to a term of imprisonment that administration agrees to the immediate repatriation of Mr McKinnon post trial to serve any such sentence in the United Kingdom.

You can conveniently find the details of your own Member of Parliament, and send an email (or fax) for free, to their office, through the well established website, provided that that you use your own words in your message.

MPs staff, almost always filter out any messages they get from non-constituents, so it is best to mention at least which part of your own MP's constituency you are from, as this adds a bit of political weight to your message.