Early Day Motion 241 on the Extradition Act 2003

The Extradition Act 2003 is causing some disquiet amongst Members of Parliament, from across the political spectrum.

The colourful Tory MP Boris Johnson has an Early Day Motion which has now attaracted the signatures of 48 [update 26th January 2006: now 140] Members of Parliament. An Early Day Motion is not binding on the Government, but it does publicly demonstrate a level of concern about this issue.

EDM 241



Johnson, Boris

That this House urges the Government to defer approving the extradition to the United States of any British subjects until such time as the United States Senate ratifies the Extradition Treaty of March 2003; further calls upon the Government to amend the Extradition Act 2003 (Designation of Part 2 Territories) Order 2003 and replace it with a new Order which requires the United States to supply prima facie evidence to accompany its extradition requests to the United Kingdom, as the UK has to do in relation to an extradition from the US; and further calls upon the Government to amend the Extradition Act 2003 to reflect the terms of Article 7 of the European Convention of Extradition on Place of Commission."

98 signatories as at 24th July 2005:

The list of current signatories includes:

Johnson, Boris
Jones, Lynne
Green, Damian
Bottomley, Peter
Spink, Bob
Holmes, Paul
Hancock, Mike
Llwyd, Elfyn
Breed, Colin
Cable, Vincent
Conway, Derek
Corbyn, Jeremy
Dismore, Andrew
Vis, Rudi
Heath, David
Etherington, Bill
Wallace, Ben
Younger-Ross, Richard
Howarth, David
Pickles, Eric
Selous, Andrew
Mercer, Patrick
Burden, Richard
Cryer, Ann
Cunningham, Jim
Fabricant, Michael
Arbuthnot, James
Stunell, Andrew
Khan, Sadiq
Price, Adam
Randall, John
Djanogly, Jonathan
Taylor, Ian
Williams, Stephen
Brazier, Julian
Malik, Shahid
McCarthy, Kerry
Gerrard, Neil
Watkinson, Angela
Willis, Phil
McIntosh, Anne
Abbott, Diane
Greening, Justine
Cohen, Harry
Gillan, Cheryl
Hammond, Philip
Spelman, Caroline
Murrison, Andrew
Main, Anne

UPDATE: 1st July - signatories since the 27th June 2005

Hendrick, Mark
Hughes, Simon
Grieve, Dominic
Pelling, Andrew
Foster, Don
Anderson, David
Oaten, Mark
Galloway, George
Benton, Joe
Butler, Dawn
Waltho, Lynda

Update: 14th July

Sarwar, Mohammad
Hendry, Charles
Swire, Hugo
Hemming, John
McDonnell, John
Burrowes, David
Whittingdale, John
Brown, Lyn
Burt, Lorely
Laing, Eleanor
Kawczynski, Daniel
Singh, Marsha
Brake, Tom

Update 24th July:

Ottaway, Richard
Iddon, Brian
Lewis, Julian
Betts, Clive
Wood, Mike
Garnier, Edward
Wiggin, Bill
Davies, Philip
Farron, Timothy
Featherstone, Lynne
Kramer, Susan
Slaughter, Andrew
Mulholland, Greg
O'Brien, Stephen
Paice, James
Brokenshire, James
Harper, Mark
Horam, John
May, Theresa
Clegg, Nick
Fraser, Christopher
Gummer, John
Bellingham, Henry
Holloway, Adam
Wright, Jeremy

Update 13th October 2005:

Robertson, Angus
Salmond, Alex
Jones, Martyn
Lamb, Norman
Marshall-Andrews, Robert
Mullin, Chris
Opik, Lembit
Campbell, Menzies
Ennis, Jeff
Amess, David
Hall, Patrick
Baker, Norman
Wishart, Pete
Dorries, Nadine
Goodman, Helen
Jones, David
Hosie, Stewart
Leech, John
MacNeil, Angus
McGovern, Jim
Hunter, Mark
Field, Frank

Update 16th November 2005

Davies, Quentin
Mundell, David
Teather, Sarah
Milton, Anne
Heald, Oliver
Hamilton, Fabian

Update 15th December 2005 - 137 Members of Parliament have signed EDM 241

Jackson, Glenda
Scott, Lee
Hoey, Kate
Short, Clare
Harris, Evan
Hermon, Sylvia
Davey, Edward
Soulsby, Peter
Ruddock, Joan
George, Andrew
Grogan, John

Update 26th January 2006 - 140 Members of Parliament have signed EDM 241

Blackman-Woods, Roberta
Godsiff, Roger
Lloyd, Tony

Update April 16th 2006: - 151 MPs have signed EDM 241

Harvey, Nick
Browne, Jeremy
Hammond, Stephen
Beith, AJ
Field, Mark
Burstow, Paul
Hunt, Jeremy
Bercow, John
Davies, David TC
Walter, Robert
Pritchard, Mark