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MPAA finds itself accused of piracy

This came in on a feed ... it could be taken as "true" - it has the feel of "truth" .... and it made me think "how can the MPAA be so stupid"?

So I suspected propaganda - on the side of the anti-MPAA front

I tracked down the original posting from the "LA TImes"

The Motion Picture Assn. of America, the leader in the global fight against movie piracy, is being accused of unlawfully making a bootleg copy of a documentary that takes a critical look at the MPAA's film ratings system.

The MPAA admitted Monday that it had duplicated "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" without the filmmaker's permission after director Kirby Dick submitted his movie in November for an MPAA rating. The Hollywood trade organization said that it did not break copyright law, insisting that the dispute is part of a Dick-orchestrated "publicity stunt" to boost the film's profile.

Did they copy the film or not? Do the MPAA routinely copy films for "ratings" or not?

Apparently they do ...

... an MPAA representative did not specifically say the organization wouldn't copy the film, but did say "the confidentiality of your film ... is our first priority. Please feel assure (sic) that your film is in good hands."

What is the difference between copyright violation theft by the "good guys" and copyright violation theft by the "bad guys"?

My enquiring mind wants to know ...