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Amending a notice para 4.30

Amending a notice

4.30 There may be circumstances when amendment to the notice may be required. In these cases, the amendment to the notice must:

  • be undertaken in writing to the person given the notice or, if not, in a manner that produces a record of the amendment which the person given the notice may retain;
  • cross reference the original unique reference number;
  • record the date and time of the amendment; and
  • record the name and the office, rank or position held by the person amending the notice.


Amendments to the "national security investigation" status (which thereby invokes a possible 5 years in prison, as opposed to 2 years in prison maximum penalty) of a Disclosure Notice, by bureaucrats other than those in the intelligence agencies or specialist Police anti-terrorist unit requestors must not be permitted under this Code of Practice.

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