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"Spook Country" by William Gibson takes priority this weekend over Gordon Brown's Surveillance Police Nanny State

Several Spy Blog postings e.g.

  • on the more detailed Counter Terrorism Bill "justification" for 56 days detention without charge, and other repressive measures,

  • the reply we got from the European Commission regarding an update on their plans and pseudo-public consultations on Vice President Franco Frattini's plans to try to censor the internet especially regarding "terrorist" or "bomb making" websites ("The Great Firewall of Europe"),

  • on our FOIA request to the House of Commons regarding the SOCPA Section 128 Protected Site status of the public areas of the Palace of Westminster and Portcullis House,

are temporarily on the back burner, this weekend.

Taking priority is the reading and analysis of the new novel Spook Country, by the cyberpunk science fiction author and literary master wordsmith William Gibson, which is published officially in the UK on 2nd August.

See the Spook Country blog for the relevant links, and, if you want to delve into them, some pre-publication teaser / spoiler extracts.

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