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Counter Terrorism Bill 2007 - new Spy Blog sub-blog for analysis and discussion

Spy Blog has set up a sub-Blog: Counter Terrorism Bill blog to encourage people to analyse and comment on the Labour Government's latest plans for even more repressive "Must Pretend To Be Seen To Be Doing Something" legislation.

John Reid, who, thankfully, is in his last month as Home Secretary, made an Oral Statement to Parliament on Thursday 8th June 2007.

The text of this 4 page ("Government Discussion Document Ahead of Proposed Counter Terror Bill 2007" ( .pdf ) is reproduced section by section, in the new blog

Spy Blog will comment on some or all of these sections, and we encourage others to do so as well.

If you fear direct contact with the Government, as well you might, you do not have to sign your real name to these comments, and you can take the appropriate steps to hide your true IP address data from our logfiles (and those of the the people monitoring this website)

We will summarise the comments in our response to the Home Office.

If we wait until the publication of the Draft Bill etc, it will be too late to influence the new Home Secretary, and his or her civil servants and political advisers.

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