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Is the MI5 website What's New email alert system still working ?

Has anyone else who is subscribed to the MI5 email alert list still not yet received their MI5 Security Service website What's New alert emails from Friday, when Jonathan Evans formally took over as Director General, and the website was updated ?

MI5 website What's New page


Jonathan Evans has today taken over from Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller as the new Director General of the Security Service. As the head of the Service, Mr. Evans is responsible for leading and directing its work against threats to the UK's national security. He has been a member of the Service since 1980 and has focused mainly on counter-terrorism, both international and domestic. He served as the Service's Deputy Director General from 2005 to 2007 and has succeeded Dame Eliza following her retirement. For more information on Mr. Evans and the role of the Director General, please click on this item's headline.

The disappearance from view of the "We Are All Doomed - now what are we meant to do exactly ?" web graphic button links such as


on the relevant pages on the MI5, the Home Office and the Intelligence.gov.uk websites, is a bit puzzling.

Is it just managerial incompetence from the Home Office's new Office for Security and Counter-terrorism, or is there a deliberate attempt to try to forget about the whole "terror alert status" media hype ?

It does make us wonder what is going on, and how these people are ever going to make better use of the web and the internet in terms of brand image, trustworthiness and hearts and minds, than our terrorist and other enemies do.


Not been unwise enough to subscribe, but noticed the logo had gone - now we have a pic of the fierce looking John Reid.

MI5 the Security Service do seem to have sent out a website news email alert today, regarding the ammonium nitrate fertiliser bomb plot trial, and some attempts to correct some of the media hype and speculation about the Mi5 surveillance of two of the supposedly "clean skins", "unknown to authorities" 7th July 2005 suicide bombers.


However their actual "What's New" page in the navigation bar does not link to this major update to the MI5 website.


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