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Information Tribunal hearing of our OGC Gateway Review case starts today

Starting today, the Information Tribunal is due to hear the Appeal by the Office for Government Commerce against the Information Commissioner's Decision Notice which ruled in our favour, which ordered them to fully disclose the early (and now out of date) Gateway Reviews of the Home Office's Identity Cards Programme.

More details on our Freedom of Information Act requests sub-blog category archive for the Information Tribunal

Gordon Brown's Treasury, which the OGC is part of, are wasting our tax payer's money to pay tens of thousands of pounds for expensive lawyers to argue to preserve the unnecessary and excessive secrecy which surrounds so called Gateway Reviews, which casts a slur on the professional competence and ethics of civil servants and of private sector consultants and experts.

The full tribunal hearing is set to start today (.pdf), Monday 12th March, and will go on until Friday 16th March (except for Thursday 15th)

Government Commerce v Information Commissioner


Government Commerce

Full hearing

12,13,14 and 16th March 2007 at
Procession House,
110 New Bridge Street


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