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MI5 secret photos at the Science of Spying exhibition at the Science Museum


There is a new exhibition aimed at children at the Science Museum, which extols the virtues of "surveillance", to entertain and educate children and their parents.

Will there be any cross party NO2ID Campaign literature or merchandise available, to provide a properly balanced educational experience ?

[via the original MI5 website news email list]

Security Service MI5

What's New

9 February 2007

The Service's Director General, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, was recently given the opportunity to support the Science Museum's latest educational project, an exciting new exhibition called 'The Science of Spying'. Dame Eliza visited the Museum yesterday evening (Thursday 8 February) to formally open the exhibition. Dame Eliza said:

"I was delighted to be invited to open the 'Science of Spying' exhibition. The entertaining programme of exhibits and activities introduces children and parents to some important issues facing our society in the 21st Century. Some of the themes of the exhibition are at the forefront of the current work of the Security Service (MI5). Visitors are invited to weigh the apparently incompatible demands of privacy and security, as officers of my Service do on a daily basis. You will have the opportunity to think about what developments in technology mean for the verification or falsification of identity. The exhibition is a stimulating and highly enjoyable experience and I invite you all to discover for yourselves the 'Science of Spying'."

The exhibition offers children and adults the chance to try out for themselves some of the activities that make up modern day spying. Visitors get to role-play as a trainee spy, using the latest technologies and going on a 'secret undercover mission'. They also get to experience what it is like to be spied upon and are offered a glimpse of the future of surveillance technology.

The exhibition manages to address a number of serious issues surrounding the use of surveillance. Visitors will be invited to think about some of the dilemmas facing a modern-day spy. The Science of Spying launches at the Science Museum on 10 February 2007.

For more information, see www.scienceofspying.com.

Any parents or teachers who do take their children to this exhibition should explain that in addition to

Experience some of the latest surveillance technology and find out what it is like to be spied on yourself as you search for a secret code. Submit to the brain-scan lie detector or the latest in body-scanning technology.

Body scanning technology used on children ? Are these "see through your clothes" child porn machines ?

Look for clues by tapping into conversations and surveillance cameras.

they will also have come under surveillance on the journey into Central London via CCTV, ANPR and Oyster Card etc. transport surveillance,
and possibly, credit card financial transaction surveillance as well, since the entrance dee is £8 per adult.

We are somewhat curious as to what exactly a "biometric door hanger" might consist of as part of the £25 spy kit merchandise at the Science Museum shop

We hope that the Science Museum can be persuaded to stock some of the cross party NO2ID Campaign literature and merchandise, to give a counterbalancing view for the educational study aspects of this exhibition, which runs until September.

However, for the budding intelligence agents amongst you, perhaps you should carefully examine the MI5 website page announcing this news


and see if you can discover the "secret" photos of Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the outgoing Director General of MI5 the Security Service, who formally opened the exhibition yesterday.

See if you can tell when the photos were probably taken, when they were edited, and what sort of camera is likely to have been used.

Here is our guess at these "secrets"

This was a public event with press photographers, but it does illustrate some of the potential pitfalls with respect to anonymity of sources on the world wide web, especially if you an investigative journalist, blogger or even an intelligence agency, trying to protect the anonymity of their whistleblower or covert human informant or technical intelligence assets.

See Spy Blog's hints and tips for whistleblowers.


Great idea!!

We can teach our kids how to do crypto to secure their emails, how to delve into trash and discover "secrets", how to bulld bugs, hidden cameras and DTMF decoders from common items available in electronic stores, how to mod their legally crippled scanners to listen to the "forbidden frequencies", how to use a DTMF tone dialer to snoop on peoples voicemail and pwn phone switches, maybe even a little bit of penetration testing on the side so they can "spy" on the government via malformed urls in government websites ...

ooops - sorry - thats what "2600" magazine has been doing for the last zillion years ...

use all these techniques in the pay of a corrupt government and you are a "spy" ..

use all of these techniques to expose a corrupt government and you are a "hacker" ..

go figure ...

Anyone else thinking of Terry Gilliam's movie BRAZIL?

Information Retrieval and YOU!

"Yes, Sister, this is a 9mm sub-machine gun, very effective in close-quarters combat."

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