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Spy Blog 2006 articles

Thanks to all the readers of Spy Blog in 2006, especially those who took the trouble to agree or disagree with us via the comments or email.

2006 was a depressing year.

There are many unanswered questions, and things which we have not commented on here on Spy Blog.

We tried having lots of Categories on Spy Blog, but the archives got too big and cumbersome, and we have discarded most of them.

We tried "folksonomy" tagging, but that does not really seem to make things easier to find, especially where more than one category or tag is involved. This was complicated by our change of blog hosts and URL in October. We may go back to this later.

Here are some rough categories for most of the Spy Blog 2006 blog articles:

Prime Minister
Tony Blair says he is going, eventually - hooray - how much damage can he still do ?

Gordon Brown - unelected Prime Minister in waiting

Home Office
Charles Clarke

John Reid - "not fit for purpose" former "tankie" Communist now in charge of MI5 the Security Service and Control Orders etc.

Not fit for purpose

Proscribed Terrorist Groups Must Be Seen To Be Doing Something Via Even More Legislation

Freedom Of Information Act requests

Freedom of Information Act Decision Notice in our favour, ordering full disclosure of the early Gateway Reviews of the Identity Cards Programme - the Treasury / Office for Government Commerce is appealing to the Information Tribunal 2 years and 3 months since our original FOIA request - so much for "open government" !

The Government seems to be planning to further restrict the working of the FOIA

Other important FOIA requests

Spy Blog FOIA requests:

Climate of Fear hype and spin

The Surveillance Society

Spy Blog hints and tips for whistleblowers, journalists and bloggers

Spies and Intelligence Agencies


Many thanks to you for doing this blog. It's been such a useful resource for us throughout the year, and we've really appreciated the close analysis of legislation. Time to rev up the engines for the delights of 2007!

Hear Hear! I marvel at how you've found the time and patience to continue to scrutinise such a vast amount of dodgy legislation and events, without becoming overwhelmed or disheartened. Me, and I'm sure many others, are very grateful for your critical eye and your close attention to detail, and wish your blog every success throughout this new year!

"2006 was a depressing year."

Did you not find it got better towards the end?

In addition to Henry Porter, it struck me that there was a growing swell against the increase in statism.

And thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

Happy New Year: may the swell rise to a crushing wave.

Best regards

Thanks for the moral support.

There has been an increase in media interest in some of the topics which this blog comments on, and that is welcome, but to what extent this is enough to get influential people to critically question and scrutinise the Labour Government and civil service bureaucracy remains to be seen.

It is up to you, the readers of this blog to change things for the better.

If you have some spare cash or credit left over from Christmas and the New Year festivities, a donation to the NO2ID Campaign or a donation to Liberty Human Rights would be money well spent, in a non-partisan way.

You do a great job and Spy blog is an essential national asset.

Happy New Year!

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