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Spy Blog moves to a new web host

Following the technical problems with our old web hosting service, probably due to the number of visitors, the constant spam attacks, power supply problems, and an unsympathetic attitude to long term customers etc., we have had to move Spy Blog to a new location.


Please update your bookmarks and re-subscribe your RSS 2.0 and / or Atom syndication feeds.

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We may eventually point the spy.org.uk domain name at the new web space, after we are sure that it lives up to its promises of greater resiliance and support for Movable Type blogs.


@WTWU: Hope you will be keeping the CCTV Pages up.

I hope you move the other blogs as well ... a full dump of my blog using MT export would be appreciated if not - cos I will need to find another home too :(

@ Dr. K - work in progress at the moment !

There are pros and cons to the new web host (Yahoo) - I will email you the details.

If possible, it would be much appreciated if you could bring back the site feed, for those of us who don't use Bloglines?

@ thepovertyoffreedom - errm ... which syndication feed are you using ?

Apologies if it was not clear that there is only the Spy Blog Atom feed and the Spy Blog RSS 2.0 feed

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