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Farid Hilali European Arrest Warrant extradition drags on.

Farid Hilali appeared in court again today, according to Reuters.

His case is of general interest because he is the first person in the United Kingdom who faces being extradited , in this case to Spain, under the new , allegedly more speedy, European Arrest Warrant.

This European Arrest Warrant extradition procedure has certainly lasted longer than the three months which it is supposed to take, as the original request from the Spanish authorities was issued in April 2004. His next hearing has been adjourned until April 21st 2005.

The case is also notable in that it seems to be entirely reliant on mobile phone communications data and intercept evidence in an alleged terrorism case.

The "Westminster village" of politicians and journalists have hardly managed to understand these types of technological "intelligence" or "evidence", what will they make of the fact that Hilali is claiming that it is a case of mistaken identity, and that the Spanish authorities are somehow "magically" relying on some unknown, unchallenged "voice analysis/comparison" technology to claim that he is the person who uttered some innocent/code phrase during a phone conversation with a senior Al-Queada suspeect in Spain, before the September 11th 2001 attacks ?

How exactly did the Spanish authorities get hold of voice samples of Farid Hilali in order to compare with their intercepted phone call recordings ? Were his conversations in Belmarsh recorded and handed over tot the Spanish authorities ?

For those of you using a search engine to look up "Farid Hilali" , note the number of other websites which spread the disinformation that since Hilali is wanted by Spanish authorities on terrorism charges, therfore he must somwhow be connected with the Madrid bomb attacks of 11th March 2004. However, since he was arrested on immigration charges in September 2003, and has been in custody in Belmarsh high security prison ever since, one would have thought that he had a cast iron alibi for the Madrid attacks, which appear to have been planned in January / February 2004.

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