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August 11, 2014

sinead o'connor


i just heard about the tragic very-much-too-soon death of robin williams, and i'm stunned. quiet. there's nothing to say, obviously. i'm reminded of this. and of how fragile we are. it's important to remember.

before hearing this news, i recorded episode 410. it features a few new songs from me, and some thoughts inspired by my musical hero sinéad o'connor and her new album (which is out tomorrow!) - i'm not bossy, i'm the boss.

i hope you'll take a listen, enjoy, and visit the links below:

sinéad's main site - sineadoconnor.com
the album - take me to church
you can take a listen - here

& peace,

August 04, 2014



welcome to august and episode 409! tonight finds me enraptured by director richard linklater's new movie boyhood and enjoying music from my friends kris hauch (+ band - norway house), dwayne hoover, and patrick kobernus.

i hope you'll listen. <3

music links:
-music from kris' band - norway house
-the new album from - dwayne hoover

movie links:
-richard linklater - talks about the movie
-the (2014) film - boyhood
-the (2013) film - before midnight
-the (2006) film - a scanner darkly
-the (2004) film - before sunset
-the (2001) film - waking life
-the (1995) film - before sunrise

my many sincere thank you's go out to kris and ryan and patrick for sharing their songs with me. and to you for being here and being a part of this...

there'll be more soon! stay tuned.