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wild and cold


hello, and welcome to episode 408! despite the flush of summer, i find myself feeling a bit off-center tonight - distracted, overwhelmed, adrift, etc. just the normal cycle of things, i suppose? alas, to tide things over, tonight's podcast features the demo of a new song, + a few recent ones, and some thoughts inspired by the work of (one of) my literary hero(es) - the incomparable tennessee williams.

i hope you'll take a listen and visit the related items below:

-the playwright - tennessee williams

-the 1947 play - a streetcar named desire
-the 1951 film - by the same name
-the movie - trailer

-the 1955 play - cat on a hot tin roof
-the 1958 film - by the same name
-the movie - trailer

-the 1958 play - suddenly last summer
-the 1959 film - by the same name
-the movie - trailer

-the 1982 (posthumous) play - in masks outrageous and austere

more soon!



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