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starting over


episode 407 has landed, and finds me with a new burst of gratitude for music and songwriting - inspired by the new movie begin again. i saw it over the weekend, was completely charmed, and i'm still swooning.

sadly, the trailer (see the link below) does't convey much of what i most loved about it. but trust me… if you're a songwriter. or a dreamer. or you've ever had your heart broken. either (or any) of those, even if just a little, i think you'll connect. ;)

amidst movie talk, i play a song from kris hauch and two from dwayne hoover. the music is amazing, and most-definitely worth your time and support. you can support them at: norwayhouse.bandcamp.com and dwaynehoover.bandcamp.com.

movie links:
-the director - john carney
-the 2014 film - begin again
-watch - the trailer
-the 2006 film - once
-watch - the trailer

-see glen hansard and marketa irglova as - the swell season

thank you for being here
and for being a part of this.



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