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July 28, 2014

wild and cold


hello, and welcome to episode 408! despite the flush of summer, i find myself feeling a bit off-center tonight - distracted, overwhelmed, adrift, etc. just the normal cycle of things, i suppose? alas, to tide things over, tonight's podcast features the demo of a new song, + a few recent ones, and some thoughts inspired by the work of (one of) my literary hero(es) - the incomparable tennessee williams.

i hope you'll take a listen and visit the related items below:

-the playwright - tennessee williams

-the 1947 play - a streetcar named desire
-the 1951 film - by the same name
-the movie - trailer

-the 1955 play - cat on a hot tin roof
-the 1958 film - by the same name
-the movie - trailer

-the 1958 play - suddenly last summer
-the 1959 film - by the same name
-the movie - trailer

-the 1982 (posthumous) play - in masks outrageous and austere

more soon!


July 21, 2014

starting over


episode 407 has landed, and finds me with a new burst of gratitude for music and songwriting - inspired by the new movie begin again. i saw it over the weekend, was completely charmed, and i'm still swooning.

sadly, the trailer (see the link below) does't convey much of what i most loved about it. but trust me… if you're a songwriter. or a dreamer. or you've ever had your heart broken. either (or any) of those, even if just a little, i think you'll connect. ;)

amidst movie talk, i play a song from kris hauch and two from dwayne hoover. the music is amazing, and most-definitely worth your time and support. you can support them at: norwayhouse.bandcamp.com and dwaynehoover.bandcamp.com.

movie links:
-the director - john carney
-the 2014 film - begin again
-watch - the trailer
-the 2006 film - once
-watch - the trailer

-see glen hansard and marketa irglova as - the swell season

thank you for being here
and for being a part of this.


July 14, 2014

more new kris


welcome back for episode 406! this week brings us part two (of two) podcasts with the amazing kris hauch. kris shares more new music from his upcoming album, tells stories from the songwriting process, and gives his own fans-eye-view of paul mccartney, wings, and the beatles.

the songs are (once again) definitely worth your attention, time, and support. my many personal thank you's to kris for his time and generosity.

links to:
-the whole band - norway house
-find the music - norwayhouse.bandcamp.com
-the television - invasion

and, in case you missed it last week - this is how to write a song.

hope you'll listen!


ps - oh, and - this made me think of kris today.

July 07, 2014

the new kris

dear friends,

episode 405 is here, and arrives with our semiannual visit from local songwriter/engineer kris hauch in tow. kris shares new music from his developing project entitled "kg," and talks about inspiration, dreams, serge gainsbourg, and public access t.v. stardom.

the songs are tuneful and excellent. and the stories behind the songs are even better. hope you'll check it, click the links below, and visit me again next week for part two… :)

-kris' band - norway house
-the music - norwayhouse.bandcamp.com
-kris on - public access t.v.
-and how to - write a hit song

more soon!


ps - don't forget dwayne hoover's new album (also at band camp) - here.