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one thousand circles


episode 401 here! it's me + a new song + some thoughts related to life and change and the difficulty of keeping hope and faith. getting older is such a strange and good and scary and sad thing... it's beautiful in so many ways - how simple time and experience force us to grow up, see ourselves oppositely, newly. soberly. and it's humbling to learn (again and again, differently) how i'm less of the solution and more of the problem than i'd ever like to admit. change is hard. trying and failing. both at the same time. i'm unsure, obviously, but hope it's ok somehow. it has to be.

so, anyway, yes. the podcast is about that general feeling. indirectly. and others. if you have time, i really hope you'll share and listen.


ps reminder - free music is always available at: simplemuzik.com


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