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macro and micro


episode 404 is here, and finds me in an intuition-ish mood... feeling something i don't understand exactly. trying to get it out in words. failing. and still thinking it was somehow worth it to throw it out into the world. even if halting and broken.

tonight's songs are a halfway continuation from last week - the "macro" portion features more music from my friend ryan's new album, and the "micro" features a few old homemade demos from me. the compare/contrast opposition between the two bipolar extremes feels a bit beautiful and connected to me. i hope you'll agree. :)

many deep and sincere thanks (again) to ryan for sharing his stuff with me. both tonight and over many years. as mentioned last week, you can find his album (and own it for just $5!!) at: dwaynehoover.bandcamp.com/album/ham

peace &



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